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Positive Thinking Is The Key To Your Happiness

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


water04090070 Positive Thinking Is The Key To Your Happiness


There is not much positive thinking taking place when you are feeling low, suffering from depression or generally when things are not going you way, your moods reflects your thoughts. Challenging your negative thoughts and training your mind to think positively is a great tool to learn and can be the key to leading a much more fulfilled and happy life.

I have never been a positive person, always see the worst in myself and I have begun to at least try positive thinking and so far it is showing great improvements in my own life, if it works for me then it can work for you.

“The difference between can and cannot are only three letters. Three letters that determine your life’s direction”

A number of months ago my mother offered me the chance to go to Australia with her for 3 weeks, my brother lives out there and she wanted to go and visit him,  yet needed a travel companion. I could not go. I had far too many commitments at home; I could not leave the children. I could not afford it, I could not face 3 flights in 24 hours and I could not just go and fly half way across the world.

The negative thoughts spoke to me, reminding me that anxiety would prevent me, things like this are not for people like me. There were far too many obstacles in my way.

After weeks of stewing over these negative thoughts, my husband sat me down. He changed my thinking pattern and we spoke of all the positive reasons to why I should go. The main reason being it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. After some time I was able to write a list of positive reasons why I should go.

I challenged the negative thoughts and found there was no proof that any of them were real. While I would miss the children, I could go and leave them, they will be safe at home in their normal routine and be cared for by their father. I can speak daily to them via Skype and the telephone.

The negative thinking had caused me anxiety, filled my mind with all the things that could happen, I am not a physic I cannot see into the future. I gave myself some positive self-talk and my flight leaves in 9 weeks.

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