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Poppy is a Naughty Girl

By Sue15cat
Poppy is a Naughty Girl   This is Daisy ..... all alone.   She used to hang around with her sister all day but now Poppy has turned into a naughty girl, she has her breakfast of layers pellets and then vanishes.  The first time she did this I was really worried and thought she had been taken by a fox or had an accident.  But that night and each night since, she has come home, had her supper and then gone to sleep in the henhouse as though she hasn't been away.   Poppy is a Naughty Girl   Daisy used to enjoy spending the day with her sister ....   Poppy is a Naughty Girl   .... but now she spends it instead with their husband, who she has all to herself while naughty Poppy does whatever she does while she's away from the flock.   Chickens ..... a law unto themselves!!   Sue xx

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