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Pop & Obachan Release Dynamic New Track ‘Sick as a Dog’ [Premiere]

Posted on the 27 September 2016 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

Pop & Obachan Release Dynamic New Track ‘Sick as a Dog’ [Premiere]

At least some social anxiety exists within all of us — even the most outgoing personality can have moments of dread prior to leaving the house. We simply can’t all be social butterfly’s all the time, and “Sick as a Dog” captures that dynamic perfectly. The newest track from New York’s Pop & Obachan, consisting of Emma Tringali and Jake Smisloff, follows this contrasting dynamic within the track as well, juxtaposing this anxiety-ridden premise with deceptively sweet vocals and swooning instrumentals. The resulting tune is less than two minutes in length, and seems to fly by — I’d recommend throwing it on a loop tell you’ve fully soaked in the track’s understated shine. Listen above, grab their debut album Misc. Excellence on October 7 (pre-order here) and learn more about the track from the band below!

“Sick as a Dog” captures the feeling right before you’re about to leave the house to go somewhere that you don’t want to go, mostly to a day job or even to do regular fun things with the people you love. And then BOOM! your pet just vomits all over the place and you can put down your bag and put down your keys and tell everyone you’ll be late and take a few additional moments to mentally prepare for the outside world. It’s about being a social person with hermit-like tendencies; a song for the socially anxious.

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