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Polytunnel Progress - June

By Sue15cat
Polytunnel Progress - June
Working every day in the polytunnel I don't really notice the difference, well not always, last week after a hot day the day before and giving everything a good drenching with the hosepipe in the evening I stepped in next morning and was startled by a six inch growth on the potato plants, they had literally shot up over night and flowers had appeared that most definitely were not there the day before.
Polytunnel Progress - June
This was how it looked at the start of last month, I'm glad I started taking comparison photos after seeing this difference.
Polytunnel Progress - June
On the left hand side -
potatoes (comparison) peas (c) carrots tomatoes rocket fennel beetroot sweet potato nasturtium  .... and an experimental Ginger in the plant pot on the floor at the end.
... and dotted here and there amongst them all lots of french marigolds
Polytunnel Progress - June
In the middle -
salad leaves shallots (c) single garlic (c) spring onions iceberg lettuce cucumber spinach show carrots in breadbin butternut squash courgettes (c)
In the pots there are the rooted herbs from the kitchen windowsill -
basil rosemary sage
In the hanging baskets -
strawberries tomatoes (c) french marigolds
Polytunnel Progress - June
Oops ..... I forgot to get a photo of the bed under the workbench.
But underneath are -
spinach leeks radishes 
and more french marigolds.
On top of the work bench are lots of seedlings waiting to be planted or potted on, including -
tomatoes herbs cabbage cauliflower runner beans cape gooseberries peppers comfrey aubergine cape gooseberries  lavenders, antirrhinum and salvia plug plants 
 ...... and no doubt a few others that I have forgotten about.
Anyone still awake ??
Polytunnel Progress - June
This fennel is amazing, I love the delicate foliage of fennel and would grow it even if I didn't eat the bulbs :-)
Polytunnel Progress - June
We are on the second crop of radishes, still tasty but I need to get a third planting in, something I forgot to do, I'm not perfect at this successional planting yet ... is anyone!!
Polytunnel Progress - June
I planted a very old packet of carrot seeds into this bread bin, which was filled with a nice light compost, I didn't think they would all germinate but most of them did, so I have just thinned them out.  My aim is to try and get some nice straight show carrots, not long, long ones, just as perfect looking as possible.  We'll have to see if it works. As they grow I will thin them out a bit more, giving us some hopefully tasty young carrots to eat and leaving the healthiest looking ones behind to grow on.
There you are then, June's guided tour of the polytunnel, I need to get out on the hillside and photograph the veggie beds they are nearly all planted up now and looking very neat.  We need a good downpour to water everything, overnight would be fine if someone could arrange it for me please, these lovely sunny days are wonderful.
How's your garden looking?
Sue xx

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