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Poll: Who Should Be Killed off True Blood?

Posted on the 27 March 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Poll: Who should be killed off True Blood?Who do you think should be killed off True Blood next? True Blood Wetpaint is hosting a poll to decide which character should bite the dust on True Blood! They list five characters, and the reason(s) why that character should be saved, and give us reasons why we should put a nail in their coffin!

This is what they said;

Check out five key players whose lives are at risk — your job is to decide who should be killed off!

1. Arlene: While we love Arlene even more than she loves Tang-colored tanning lotion, she’s a supporting character and the show might be able to survive without her. Can’t say the same for the tubs of ice cream that we’ll devour if she dies.

Poll: Who should be killed off True Blood?

Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly

2. Bill: Queen Bill has becoming slightly eye-roll inducing of late, but we’ll always have a soft spot for him in our hearts. After all, he’s Bon Temps original vampire heartthrob!

3. Alcide: This were doesn’t add too much to True Blood plot-wise, but he’s one of the only genuinely great guys on the show. Plus, what’s the point of paying extra for HBO if we don’t even get to look at his six-pack?

4. Sam: Poor Sam’s only power is shifting into an adorable animal, so unless he plans to cuddle his haters to death, we can’t see him lasting that long in Bon Temps. If he died we’d be sad, but we wouldn’t be shocked.

5. Lafayette: Of course we’d be traumatized if Lala bit the dust, but we fully believe that he’d turn into a ghost and frolick in brujo heaven with Jesus.

You may notice Eric isn’t even on this list! This is their reason why they didn’t include him…hehehe.

(You might notice Eric isn’t on this list. That’s because we’d suffer some kind of breakdown if he died.)

Same here…same here. I think if Eric was killed off the show, most of us would probably stop watching the show altogether – let alone have a breakdown!

At the time of this post, Bill was in a HUGE lead! We would like to Bill win this poll!

It’s time to cast your votes – click here to tell them who you think should be killed off!

Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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