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Poll: How Often Do Wash Your Hair?

By Beautyblogger @crowscupcell

Poll: How Often Do Wash Your Hair?One of my favorite things about getting a haircut? The salon “dish” that goes on between the customers and the hair stylists. An oh-so-entertaining discussion at my salon can range from really random topics (chronic sweaty palms, anyone?) to TMI-type stories (think 50 Shades) — and, of course, everything in between.

So on my last visit, the collective (and very vanilla) discussion was about hair and how often we go between washes. I spouted off “every other day” (which, I assumed would be the norm). The gal next to me said washes every single day or else it looks like she’s dipped her tresses “in a vat of oil”. And the next gal exclaimed she goes a full 10 days between washes! (10 days? Ummm, whaaaat?!? I immediately did the math on all the time she’s saving on washing and blow-drying and must admit that full-blown jealously set in.)

Okay, undoubtedly factors such as curly, dry, oily, fine, or thick play a big part in how often a gal can go between washes but isn’t it mind-boggling that there can be such a big delta in the hair-washing world? Having to wash+blow-dry only 3 times a month? Where do I sign up? But, alas, all the dry shampoo in the world couldn’t stretch my locks to 10 days washes (unless I didn’t mind my hair looking like the Valdez oil spill by day #5). Oh, all the time I could save with only 3 washes/month. Sigh…

What do you think, readers! Can you go a week+ without washing – or are you a daily latherer? Any tips for going longer between washes? Share ‘em below!

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