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Poll: How Much of Your Call and Data Allowance Do You Use?

Posted on the 30 November 2011 by Prepaidplans @prepaidplans

A particular Telco in the UK contacted me a week ago regarding my thoughts on the prepaid mobile market in Australia and what was working and not. See last week’s post on this. I offered to assist them by running a poll on my site covering the amount of your prepaid cap credit that is unused each month. This particular Telco is obviously interesting in gauging just how much value they need to make available in say a $40 prepaid cap plan.

Personally I use about 25 – 30% of all of my call and data allowance. When I was using the Optus Prepaid Turbo Cap Plus which offered $300 in calls and 500MB data plus unlimited social media, I was making under $100 in calls each month and using about 150MB data. Given my recharge of $30 was expiring every 30 days, the calls where actually costing me quite a bit.

I decided to move to a cheaper plan with equal value offered by Live Connected (read my Live Connected review here). My call and data volume is no different but I am paying 30% of what I was paying with Optus. I will actually list my call and data volume below later today so you can see it.

prepaid mobile cap poll

I would confidently say that most people would be in the 50% mark with a small % sitting at the top end who’s credit is all used up before it actually expires. My wife is one of those. She uses the SavvyLite plan with 10c calls and 90 days credit. Her $20 recharges don’t last 90 days.

I am keen to hear your experience on how you use your call and data allowance. Please use the Poll to the right of your screen or the one on our website. If you would like, leave a message below.

I might see if I can get some Telco feedback on this.

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