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Police State Rising

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Cops shoot to death homeless man for camping

Russia is warning us about the police state conditions inside America!

The firepower used by the FBI raid on the Hutaree militia was described as

What have our police become?

Before you get mad, and say we’re listening to the enemy, ask yourself how we define the word, “enemy.” I am not pro-Russian, and I’m definitely anti-communist. Now when I review why I am anti-communist (anti-USSR), the primary reason is the communist police state and its militant atheism. It’s the Soviets’ persecution of Christians that made me their enemy. The brutality of the state is what determined that I would be immovably at enmity with communists.

What happened to the friendly cop on the corner? Where is the kindness we remember?

What happened to the kind hearted police officer we remember?

Fast forward to 2014. Russia has become stridently pro-family, pro-homeschooling, and on many levels, pro-Christian. They have been sending spec-ops teams into Syria disguised as jihadists, with the mission of killing off the jihadists and protecting Syria’s Christian population. On the other hand, America’s president has been financing, training and supporting the jihadists who are beheading Christians in Syria. Obama changed the definition of terrorist away from muslim jihadist to more closely resemble our republican grandparents. He’s attempting to force our Catholic Institutions into performing abortions against their consciences. He’s also forcing a militant-gay agenda onto the country. And let’s not forget his targeting of Christians in our military.

Summary: While we may not feel comfortable with President Putin, (What if he wakes up on a bad hair day, and decides he doesn’t like Christians after all…) we know without a doubt that President Obama fits the definition that formerly made us intractable enemies of communist dictators.


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