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Polaroids from Papua New Guinea

By Flemmingbo

png-polaroid-boys-alotau Papua New Guinea was an absolutely astonishing acquaintance back in November 2010 onboard True North. The people are the warmest most smiling and welcoming people one can imagine. The landscape is stunning tropical pristine lushness. The swimming and snorkeling is second to none. The photographic opportunities are never ending and my portrait and travel photography improved tenfold. A life changing journey (well everything we do is life changing, but this was significant). My Papua New Guinea gallery contains my released images, these are the quirky untold images, the polaroids of Papua New Guinea.





All aboard the boat at Tsoi Lik Island.


Christian attempting to impress the kids with his medium format Phase One.


In my element.


A fun visit to the Kavieng Market on the last day


Christian brought the Elinchrom Quadra flash pack and it was fun to play with it, it is so powerful. Overexposing a bit, I am here nuking the kids with light


Mark and his tutor



The kids of Papua New Guinea are the best part


I must edit the video I have of these guys, they rock!

I would go back in a heartbeat, Papua New Guinea is now right at the top of my list of favourite places on our planet. Similar to many pristine places on Earth, deforestation and mining is a big threat to the environment and life of Papua New Guinea. It is a spectacular feeling to visit remote villages on island where the people are completely self-sufficient. Not wishing to romanticize their life, they do live a hard life and suffer from medical conditions like malaria. The fact is though, that they were still some of the most friendly, smiling and happy people I have met. It seems the more material good we collect, the more money we have, the more cautious, suspicious and potentially unhappy we become. Places like Papua New Guinea and Borneo is a great reminder of the strength of the core of the human spirit. I would think it worthwhile for we in the westernized industrialized society to attempt to find that core again.


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