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Polaris Consciousness

By Tantrawave @planetbuddha
Polaris Consciousness
Sudṛiṣṭi, "Mystical Vision" Bodhisattva (妙見菩薩) is a personified coalescence of the field of Polaris (Alpha Ursae Minoris, or North Star, Lodestar, Guiding Star, Pole Star, etc.), which is the brightest star in Ursa Minor. It is the northern polar "star" (of the northern celestial pole) which consists of the main star (αUMi Aa), two stars (α UMi B and αUMi Ab) and two more distant stars (α UMi C and α UMi D).  
Though the focus on the northern pole star seems at first to be grasping one horn of a dilemma, i.e., a dualistic bias, the deity's ontophany indicates perfect balance.  Hence the North in this instance is inclusive of all polarities, it is the balance of opposites, which accounts for the divinity's designation as "Mystical Vision."  To ostensively or extensively valuate this and that in polar, antipodal, antithetical terms is to collapse the quantum wave-function, which only results in acquisitions of halves of all pictures.  The remainder gets lopped off to oblivion, as if reality were not necessarily all-inclusive (what else could "it" be?).      
Contrary to popular exoteric horoscopic opinion, the motile sentient bipeds that we are needn't necessarily be passive, helpless recipients and "victims" of astrological fields of influence; the subtle, quantum, morphic, and chaotic white and pink noise "sonars" ⎯ resonant fields ⎯ of stellar, galactic, and cosmic fields (and everything else, for that matter) can be channeled, diverted, transmuted, and sublimated. Such magical (I use the term 'magical' instead of 'magickal,' not in the sense of prestidigitation, but in the genuine thaumaturgical sense, because the latter adjective with the 'k' belongs to a passive paradigm of 'worship' and 'celebration' of natural and cosmic forces) matters can only be performed by virtue of empowerment with higher conscious fields of cosmic consciousness.  "They" are out there, seek properly and you will find, and no, it's got nothing to do with negation, denial, and brushing astrological phenomena-noumena under the rug.
In this particular iconography, Sudṛiṣṭi is shown riding a Dragon (the keeper of the submerged Gem of enlightenment, traverser of vast distances), holding the sun and moon (nondual seeing, the balance of all polarities), and holding a brush and paper.  The brush and paper symbolize the determination of Fate.  A red-color supernal retainer is kneeling respectfully while holding up the inkstone.  It is not a static picture, on the contrary, it is dynamic.  Sudṛiṣṭi has written nothing yet, matters are yet tabula rasa, but Mystical Vision is getting ready to write.  What will She write?  In the present here and now, the cosmic text is for your eyes only, and only others will later see with almost 20/20 clarity as to what it said.  Will it be in your favor?  For now, walk the razor's edge, find your balance, live a balanced life; be fair, unbiased, and nondual.  By so doing, you too will resonate with the mystical eyes of Mystical Vision Bodhisattva, ride the dragon to supernal places, and exercise cosmic equity in judgment.  Resonate before Sudṛiṣṭi finishes writing out your Fate.       Polaris Consciousness

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