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Poisson d’Avril

By Reporterandgirl @reporterandgirl

Your April fish.

Or April Fools Day as it has become known in modern society. And on Monday while many folks were celebrating Easter Monday, I (and a few culprits) decided to play a series of telephone pranks on our dear loved ones.

Many of the pranks consisted on a theme of check fraud or loan fraud. The worst, I called my friend’s mom as a representative from Bank of America as a curtesy to let her know that the loan she co-signed with her daughter and boyfriend have been approved.

Her reaction which began with, “I didn’t sign anything and I’m not giving any information to you” and ended with a “I’m not a worth a penny, Fuck You.” is made for radio talk shows.

My co-worker had me call his girlfriend, as an obnoxious mom, upset over sexting messages her daughter sent to my son.

And my other co-worker, let me call a friend posing as “the other baby mother” wondering why my man had a mystery number on his phone and what was her relations to him (she didn’t fall for it).

But the best prank call was to Jon.

Friend: Good Afternoon, Mr. Jon Reporter, this is Officer Harris from the ** Precinct Narcotics Division.

Jon: Hello, what can I do for you?

Friend: Your name came up in an investigation, and I need to speak to you. Can you please come down to the station?

At first it seemed like Jon wasn’t buying it…he asked about the investigation and of course my friend said he couldn’t give all the details; but needed to speak to him cause his name came up on two separate occasions.

Then it seemed like Jon thought it was something related to his journalism interviews and asked who linked him

Friend: Do you know a _____?

Jon: No, I don’t. Um, I don’t think I came across that person in my reports. Which precinct is this for?

Friend: The 75th precinct.

Jon: Oh, um well I haven’t done any investigations in that district. I work for ______ newspaper and I normally…..

I can tell by the crackle in his throat that he’s starting to get a little nervous. And I was on edge because I didn’t want to prank Jon–especially to his work number.

Jon is also starting to say alot of “Ums” at this point. Yep, his seat is starting to get hot.

Friend: The trafficking ring we’re investigating is between New York and _______ state. Does that sound familiar Mr. Reporter?

Jon: Well, um I’m from _______ and my parents live there. So I go back on weekends to see my parents, and um, hang out with my friends. But uh, you know ummm…That’s it.

Friend: Oh that’s it, huh? Well, I need to get a statement….I think you know a little bit more.

Jon: You think I know about a drug ring or that I’m the head of a drug ring?

Now I’m thinking: Jon is on to us….I mean we called from a blocked number! There’s no way– he’s about to yell and curse us out over the phone.

Until I hear this:

Friend: Can I expect you around 6pm?

Jon: Uuhh, yeh sure…uuummmmm do I need a lawyer?

What the Crap? Oohhh….help this boy if he’s ever stopped by the police!

Friend: Well sir, that is up to you cause as you know today is April’s Fool. So -

Jon: OOoohhhhh! April Fools MotherF—–!!!
Jon: Who put you up to this?

Friend: Oh that will be revealed shortly when he or she calls you.

Well, I revealed it yesterday to Jon….wanted him to sweat it out (and calm down a bit too!) heh heh.

The best April Fools prank is also the best revenge!

Ain’t revenge sweet? Please share with me your April Fools prank!

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