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Pogoplug For Smartphones And Tablets

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
Not sure if anyone's used this, heard of it or looked into it. I think I had mentioned Deana's cousin working for apple in some other smartphone/tablet conversation.. he recommended this to us...
Basically your Computer/External Hard Drive is the Cloud. So for the price of $49 (I have a site that sells it for $24.99), you have unlimited cloud storage to an extent. The extent is that if your hard drive ****s the bed, your files are lost while with true Cloud Storage I think there's guaranteed backup protection, which I would never completely believe anyways.
So, for example for me, I can access over 100GB worth of my music files I have at home from anywhere. I can access any video I have, any document I have, anywhere. I can upload from my phone to my hard drive at home from my phone or tablet.
It seems pretty intriguing, especially if Free cloud services aren't enough and you're not into carrying different cloud services like Dropbox + iCloud + box + pogoplug's free 5GB cloud service etc... a lot of different places to put files and could get confusing

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