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Poetry Corner- Diamond Necklace

By Datewithcleo @datewcleo

My envy confides in the strangest things.

Today, a small diamond,

set strongly in gold,

held close by a dainty gold chain,

that does not leave my neck.

This unwavering item does not change shape or form.

She does not wake up in the morning feeling insecure.

Doubt and fear do not attempt to plague her.

Completely unemotional.

Sturdy, strong, and confident.

My diamond necklace shines brightly, every day.

Radiant always.

She believes deeply in the beauty of yesterday, today, and the unknown tomorrow.

If only wearing her would settle

The tearing of my mind and tangles of my heart.

I am splitting down the center, yet she does not move.

She believes in love,

And I am jealous.

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