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Podcast - Erica Glasener ("A Gardener's Diary")

By John Markowski @jmarkowski0

Do you remember "A Gardener's Diary" on HGTV? I sure as hell do. It was and is my favorite gardening show of all time.
Nothing comes close.
A show that focuses mostly on the plants (including their botanical names) and the unique story behind the owner of the garden is a recipe for perfection. I also loved the casual pacing of the show. It was like a peak in at a gentle stroll between visitor and garden owner. All we get today on TV is 22 minutes of a hyper makeover aimed at the coveted younger demographic.
Color me not interested.
Take a look at an old episode of the show here:

Ahhh, the good old days of HGTV.
Anyway, I was incredibly fortunate to interview the show's host, Erica Glasener, on a recent podcast. She gave a ton of background on how she became the host of "A Gardener's Diary", the behind the scenes workings of the show, her path to becoming an esteemed horitculturalist and what she is up to now.
Awesome stuff.
To listen to our conversation, click here.

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