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PNG Boys and Liquit Photoshop Magic

By Flemmingbo

Visiting the Mansava Village on Tsoilik Island in Papua New Guinea a brilliant photo opportunity presented itself in a split second. A group of boys sitting on a line drinking from coconuts, two boys enjoying their prize and the rest looking jealous. I anticipated this and had my camera ready, helping me get lucky enough to capture a few frames of a great moment. This is the final image featuring my post processing (where I mainly moved the light to the faces) and Liquit Photoshop magic:

PNG-coconut-final Photoshop Magic

The image above had one major problem. The boy in front was holding a straw that cut straight through his face and eye, a major distraction as seen in the original image to the right. It was far beyond my skills in Photoshop, cloning or content aware fill could do little here as the eye needed to be “re-constructed”. Fortunately my friend Anders from Liquit is a professional Photoshop wizard and helped me out greatly. Performing a bit of magic, the straw is now nowhere to be seen and not even at 100% is there any trace of it. Here is a 100% cutout comparison of original images, no sharpening etc, before and after the magic of Anders of Liquit. Notice how the retouched version even at 100% looks completely natural, the eye is reconstructed.


If you are looking for a great Photoshop wizard, look no further than Thanks so much for the help Anders, very much appreciated and I am thrilled with the result.


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