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Pluk De Nacht – Outdoor Cinema

By Amsterdam City Tours

Pluk de Nacht (Seize the Night) is a free open air film festival held every summer in Amsterdam.

Founded in 2003 by a pair of cinemaphiles, Pluk de Nacht has become one of staple Amsterdam summer events. This year, it takes place between August 22 and September 1 on a small beach in a former harbour near Amsterdam Centraal Station. The program is focused on screening gems from around the world which, as yet, haven't enjoyed much screen-time in the Netherlands.

English: In Pluk de Nacht (2009)

One of the many bars that dot the festival grounds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alongside the animations, documentaries, short- and feature-length films, the festival grounds is spotted with campfires, art projects and concession stands. Furthermore, the creativity with which the festival is approached guarantees that there are some great surprises every year - for example, a few years ago there was a 12-man orchestra accompanying some of the short films and in 2010 the 'Love is in the Air' theme was accompanied by a crying contest.

Pluk de Nacht – Outdoor cinema

Run completely by volunteers, the festival is bathed in an ambiance of friendliness, kookiness and cozy-ness. You can rent a comfortable beach chair to better enjoy the experience and a warm blanket to ward off the potential chills (it is, after all, Amsterdam in the summer). If it starts to rain, the whole festival moves quickly into a nearby indoor space. Join the crowds as the space opens up at 4pm. The first films only start at around 9.30pm, so that gives you plenty of time to engage in discussions, debates and drinking contests with the other film-fans. All films are either in English or have English subtitles.

Remember - it's free.

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