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Please Replace The Milk

By Gerard @presurfer
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Keith Zakheim is the president of Beckerman PR, a multimillion-dollar public relations firm in New Jersey. Keith Zakheim is also a big fan of milk. Don't test him! Here's part of an email that Keith Zakheim sent his lazy, selfish, milk-sucking staff.
So, I am gravely serious when I write this - if I catch someone not replacing the milk, or at least, in the case where the downstairs store has close already, not sending an email to the office so the first person that arrives (usually Christa or me) can pick one up upon arrival - then I am going to fire you. Im not joking. You will be fired for not replacing the milk, and have fun explaining that one to your next employer. This is not a empty threat so PLEASE don't test me.
The Presurfer

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