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Please Pray for This 3 Y.o. Persecuted Christian Boy

Posted on the 13 November 2013 by Eowyn @DrEowyn

Dear friends and readers of FOTM:

Did you know that your Christian brothers and sisters are persecuted and martyred throughout the world?

In fact, we are living in the greatest tribulation-time in Christian history.

The most common request of persecuted Christians is “PRAY FOR US.”

That’s why I signed up at a website of the Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) called I Commit To Pray, which sends me sometimes daily email notifications of someone in the world who needs our prayers.

Weng Goodluck Tshua
Little Weng in his special prosthetic shoes

Yesterday, I received an email to pray for a precious little boy in Nigeria, whose name is Weng Goodluck Tshua. Since its independence from Great Britain in 1960, Nigeria has not had one day of peace, but remains a country bitterly divided between northern Muslims of the Hausa-Fulani tribes and Christians in the south.

In March 2010, when Weng was just three weeks old, Fulani  Muslims attacked his village in Dogo Nahawa, Nigeria. His mother, father, and seven other members of his family were among the 501 Christians who were killed in the attack.

The attackers set numerous houses and buildings on fire, including Weng’s house. Someone pulled him out in order to save his life, but his feet had already been consumed by the flames.

As he grew up, Weng could not learn to walk or run. In Sept., 2013, a Voice Of the Martyrs prosthetics team created a specialized pair of prosthetic shoes that have given Weng a new perspective. The shoes have three inner-layers that can be removed as he grows up. The medical team will return in time to create a new pair of shoes.

Today, the happy three-year-old has learned to take his first steps.

Please take a minute out of your day and say a prayer for little Weng.

(Note: Voice of the Martyrs prayer requests will be a regular feature on Fellowship of the Minds.)


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