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Please Help Amanda Please!

Posted on the 30 November 2012 by Nelle @ImSoJheanelle

Miss Bynes, if you are by any chance reading this post, I think you will find my PR strategies a bit unconventional, although I am a professional, I treat people as people, not as the next paycheck or someone to put on my résumé.
My grandmother always said “The devil finds work for idle hands” and he is certainly working through the deeds of actresses Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes. These starlets are by no means alike but they seriously need a stern intervention. For the first part of this two part series, Amanda Bynes will be the first subject of my case study.
While conducting research, I have read various articles; her family and friends state that she has no mental disorder or unhealthy habits. But! If you won’t say it, then I will, before we go into some “take heed” advice for Miss Bynes, let us lightly recap the recent misdemeanors.
First let us address Amanda Bynes and her mishaps that will forever be in the minds of drivers in Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas. A few months ago, Miss Bynes allegedly was involved in various motor vehicle cases; driving with suspended license, hit-and-run, DUIand other awkward situations that might lead to the demise of her career.  I won’t get into details, because that helps no one, so we’ll just address possible solutions.
I have concluded that she is neither troubled nor needs sympathy (although I pity her situation) Miss Bynes needs guidance. Publicist, Agent and Lawyer have all given up on her and called it quits. For a quick chuckle, the picture below is exactly what you would see if you should type or click on Awkward? Hilarious? Intentional?Take a few seconds to visit that site just to prove that some blog posts just write themselves.

Please Help Amanda Please!What Would PR Do?

 As ordinary folks we have to understand that these celebrities have each minute of their daily lives planned out for them, most do not have the time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. I often empathize with a client before I pass judgment on their actions. In my opinion, Miss Bynes grew up in front of the camera and with that comes a lot of pressure for young adult. Without the proper guidance and strong family structure, they can easily go astray. She is by no means the worst-case scenario, but if we can stop the train before it reaches the broken tracks, I think we should at least try.
We have just three main steps she can apply by herself without the aid of lawyers, publicist or agents. First: Take a VacationClose your eyes, spin a globe, pick a place and spend at least 3 weeks there.  However, consider court hearings, appearances (which you absolutely must go to) and upcoming projects. If you like where you are consider doing some fulfilling yet enjoyable activity with the locals; get your hands dirty. My advice, don’t do charity work for the positive image, do it because you enjoy it and it truly benefits others.
Second: Maintain a Low Profile & Keep BusyWant to invent yourself as fashion designer? I am all for it, but spend your time mastering your new craft, networking with people in the fashion industry. I will get Santino Riceon the phone, let him show you what it’s really about.  I remember your clothing line “Dear” where you collaborated with Steve and Barry’s; it was successful with marginal marketing. You can either reach out to those folks again with your agenda in mind, but as an intern. During your vacation, I am sure that you gotten some inspiration that you might want to put into a clothing line. A low profile allows you to be absent from the media. When you are ready to be in the public eye, you will début as Amanda Bynes, fashion designer, at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.Hire a driver to take you where you need to be, New York is not a place for cars anyway. Take a cab, avoid trouble.
Third: Update your Web ContentNot sure what exactly happened to your website, but we have to ensure that we get that back online as a blog written by a professional or to display your designs. Other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are very important to keep the public engaged,you have a Twitter account, use it, there are no tweets. I do believe however, that PRs should be the one to handle all aspects of social media.  This is not a control issue; it just prevents unnecessary mishaps, hacks and screw-ups.
 Reputation repair takes time and patience; whatever you do must not be forced. It is your career; you decided where you want to take it, we just provide the tools to help you get there.

We wish you love , light and success in your endeavors

Please Help Amanda Please!

Amanda Bynes as a child star on The Amanda Show

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