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Please Don’t Judge Me Because of My Puppy!

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

I was always aware of how quickly people are to judge but I have really noticed this a lot more since getting our puppy. A lot of you are probably thinking: “Why would she be judged for having a puppy?” Well it’s because he is a Rottweiler.

A Rottweiler in Sesimbra, Portugal.

A Rottweiler in Sesimbra, Portugal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People over the years have come to a judgement that Rottweiler’s are these really horrid animals that maul young children and people and that they have an aggressive nature and that they are all the same. This is not true. It is a lot to do with how they are brought up. People see my walking down the street with Winston (the puppy) in one hand and pushing the buggy. They are soon to rush over and make a fuss but then I know what’s coming. ‘O aren’t you brave getting a Rottweiler with a toddler.

Are you sure that is a good idea? I hope you keep an eye on him when he is around your little one. You don’t want him attacking him.’ I can see it in their eyes that they must be thinking I am a irresponsible parent because of this! Oh my god! First off what has it got to do with you and secondly he is the most content softest ball of fluff ever.

My little boy loves him. The dog puts up with so much abuse from my LO. He gets crawled over, things thrown at him, slapped in the head (trying to stroke him), and does he react? No. He just lets him get on with it. Obviously I wouldn’t leave them in a room together on their own, not because I don’t trust them but because I wouldn’t leave my lo unattended anyway.

Yes OK I am not saying that every dog is soft and content and yes you do get the aggressive dogs that you don’t want your children to go near. But I just wish that everyone who stop being so quick to judge. Just goes to show that because you have seen it happen in a film or read about it doesn’t mean it applies to every dog out there.

 I would love to know your views on this?

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