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Playing Model @ Studio Biasion

By Thepeoplesreign @ThePeoplesReign

Playing model @ Studio BiasionPreviousToggle PlaybackNextI was shocked when Piero Biasion asked me to do some test shots for him in his studio, I’ve never modelled before and it was actually sort of embarrassing lots of fun and I think every girl has this little fantasy of being a model even just for one day. “Don’t look into the lens, look through it into the horizon…” He said, trust me it’s not that easy! I have a new appreciation for all of the Natalia Vodianova’s out there, it’s a serious job. “Oh and don’t wait for me to take the shot, you look like your waiting” Um ok…what does that mean? Here are some photos from behind the scenes, Brera 13 did my hair and make-up.

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