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Playing Fabric Designer...

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
Hey everyone!  I am officially on Spoonflower selling stuff: Playing fabric designer...
This all started after I drew this pagoda fabric last spring, and ordered a yard to make some pillows for my living room.  I have been meaning to get around to this forever now, but I finally just ordered a bunch of re-colored strike offs of it- as well as some other some fabrics I am working on. 
Playing fabric designer... Very excited because they they came today in a big sampler. I like the multi-colored ones.  Not too crazy about the single colors, they got a bit pixelated since I played with them too much.
Playing fabric designer... If you haven't played fabric designer on Spoonflower yet, do it. Its so fun!
And you can print it on a bunch of different types of fabrics, and I can order all these designs on wallpaper since they are awesome and carry that too.  My paintbrush may just take a vacation.
Now go design and create people! Big time suck, but so worth it.

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