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Play It By Beer, Brad Saunders Interview + 5 Quick Questions

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

Brad Saunders has had a busy year. And the latest buzz, thanks to his most recent single Play It By Beer, has him planning on staying busy.

We caught up with Saunders over the phone to talk about his summer season, the success of the song, and a whole lot more. He told us that it has been great to get up on stages and play for fans at small shows and big festivals. And it's been even better to see the live audiences connecting with songs like Play It By Beer.

He told us that it's one of his favourite songs he's written. He loves that it's a love song about a spur of the minute adventure. It's something he's done before, just headed out on the open road. And when he told us that he thinks that there are a lot of people out there who can relate to the feeling of going, or wanting to go - we believe he's right.

As we talked about playing live, he explained that his goals every time is to make the show about the audience. It isn't just about him and the band up on stage, but about every person who showed up having a good time. He wants to draw people in and make them feel like part of the show, not just spectators.

Brad felt that connection away from the stage when the single started finding its way to country radio and fan voting polls. His radio team told him that he should get the word out to drum up support. But, he told us that by the time he could get a post up to social media, he was already reading comments from fans talking about how much they loved the song and wanted to hear more of it.

Saunders hopes that those comments and requests at radio will help Play It By Beer climb the charts.

Play Beer, Brad Saunders Interview Quick Questions
Play It By Beer, Brad Saunders Interview + 5 Quick Questions

While he's enjoying the fact that folks are liking this song, he's already planning for the next one and the projects that come next. Brad said that the next single is planned for spring. Now, we know that a lot can change in a very short period of time. So we won't hold anything against Brad Saunders if the plan he shared with us changes... but we sure like the sound of it.

We asked him about collaborations, and if there's anyone on his wish list. He said that there are a lot of female Canadian country artists that he'd love to work with. He also says that he hopes that the next single is a duet with one of those women.

With so many great options available in Alberta and all across Canada, there's a really good chance for this project to go well.

Brad Saunders has got a trip to Hamilton planned for Canadian Country Music Week and the CCMA Awards. He's got a radio tour planned to get more ears on Play It By Beer. And before he knows it, he's headed back to Nashville for more writing and planning.

We can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

While we had Brad on the phone, we played a round of 5 Quick Questions. Check it out.

5 Quick Questions with Brad Saunders

Q1) Do you have a road trip album? One that you can put on and let play?

Brad) Either of the first two albums from Canadian country queen, Shania Twain.

Q2) Do you remember the first CD/Album that you bought?

Brad) An early Rascal Flatts album.

Q3) Do you remember your first concert?

Brad) The Beach Boys (in the pouring rain with his parents and brothers)

Play Beer, Brad Saunders Interview Quick Questions
Play It By Beer, Brad Saunders Interview + 5 Quick Questions

Q4) Do you have a dream venue on your career wish list?

Note: Brad also told us that he really hopes to be able to play at the festival in his hometown in Newfoundland. We hope so too.

Q5) Is there any artist that you think that more people should be listening to?

Brad) Billy Currington. He knows that Currington has had a lot of success and a great career - but he still feels like he's underrated and underappreciated.

Thanks to Brad for playing along and hanging out!

Play Beer, Brad Saunders Interview Quick Questions
Play It By Beer, Brad Saunders Interview + 5 Quick Questions

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