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Planting Yucca Faxoniana

By Alternativeeden @markngaz
With the lovely sunny weekend we decided it would be the right time to plant out our Yucca faconiana. We bought this last year from Akamba, and spent the winter dodging its vicious sharp spikes.
Planting Yucca faxoniana
Not only was this a large plant to move, we were also planting it in the second raised bed next to the pond. Fortunately we have a sack barrow which helped get it close, but we still had to lift it up onto the bed.

Planting Yucca faxoniana

Next to Bed 2

Planting Yucca faxoniana

Mark preparing the planting hole.

Planting Yucca faxoniana

The temporary steps.

To get round this we built temporary steps from concrete blocks and scaffold board, this at least made it a three part lift rather than having to heave it up in one go.
The next problem was how to get it out of the pot. We decided that we would have to cut the pot apart to get the plant out, a shame as these big pots are useful but it was just too heavy to lift the Yucca out of the pot.

Planting Yucca faxoniana

I didn't take any pictures mid-cut but here's the remains of the pot.

I cut the bottom off the pot with a Stanley Knife and as the pot doesn't have vertical sides we were able to lift it into the hole using the pots handles and then slice the side of the pot to get it out of the hole.

Planting Yucca faxoniana

Yucca faxoniana in its new home, with Mark back filling the hole round it.

This turned out to be a much simpler job than either of us had expected, so may well adopt this technique again in the future.

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