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Planting - Low Spend Day

By Sue15cat
Planting - Low Spend Day   Although this is No Spend/Low Spend September some spending just has to be done.   In order to keep us in garlic for next year the cloves have to be planted now, so yesterday saw me sat on the bench in the sunshine separating out all the individual cloves of garlic from the bulbs, counting as I went ....
Planting - Low Spend Day   ..... and then on my hands and knees planting all 71 of them out into the middle raised bed.  A whole bed full of yummy Garlic.
Planting - Low Spend Day   And nearby is a whole bed of Leeks.
Planting - Low Spend Day   If you look closely you can just about see them.  Eighty Five leeks in total, enough to keep us going for a while.
Planting - Low Spend Day   I was watched whilst I worked by two little doggies enjoying the sunshine.    Suky the Pug was fast asleep at the bottom of the hill and Rosy was running around in the woods chasing rabbits, but these two need a bit more supervision so they are tethered when I'm working on the hillside alone just so I can get on with what I'm doing and not have to worry about them and the road.   Planting - Low Spend Day   So it might have been a 'Spend Day' but it was most certainly a 'Low Spend Day' when you consider that the heads of Garlic (if they all come up) will cost me just over 8p each and the leeks will cost me just under 12p each.   It's good to get my hands in the soil again, I was worrying my green fingers would have gone rusty ;-)   Sue xx

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