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Planning Ahead

By Kerrysteele @kerrysteeleart
Planning ahead I am going to let you in on a little guilty secret. My son leaves for college in August and my brain has already taken on the glorious task of washing away teenaged cooties and redecorating his room.  I feel a little guilty about this but not so guilty that I can't let you in on the plan.
Let's talk about what I have...
Planning ahead OK, none of this is actually what is in his room but I am not going to show you that! Add a pile of clothes, a pile of papers and far too many amps and guitars. His walls are white and may stay that way, I don't know, talk to me in September.
He has that Ikea bed that was a solution in our last house and is just a "use what we have" choice here. The comforter is orange and it is moving on to higher learning. I am not going to buy a new comforter for him to throw up on. Am I right?
Planning ahead
The only cool thing that is staying is a mid century dresser much like this.
Planning ahead In the board I have designed, I am keeping the palette neutral. I added walls in Ben Moore Marine blue and kept everything else white and greige. He will be returning for breaks and it would be too mean to make it super girly. The room is small with strange angles and having less furniture (and dirty laundry) in it will go a long way in making it a more pleasing space.

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