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Planning Ahead?

Posted on the 11 May 2011 by Sdelavergne

I talked this week with Diana Patten, Director of Career Services and Internships at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Their term just ended, and commencement was last weekend.

“We call this our ‘breathing week,’” she said, with relief.  Aaaah, yes.  Breathe in, breathe out.

Then what?  Start planning for fall!

How will you inspire your liberal arts students next fall?  How are you planning to deliver the message to first year students that choosing the liberal arts is not only a great idea but also practical?

How about reaching those sophomores, who are starting to get some pressure from Mom and Dad to switch Marketing or Accounting, “where the jobs are”?  Or seniors, who are ready to draft a resume and need to translate their education into business-friendly terms?

What exciting plans do you have to help faculty appreciate—even more than usual—the relevance of their subjects to the demands of the business world today?

Allow me to share a few ideas.  Invite me to your campus!

If I Hadn’t Majored in English, I’d Never Have Made it In Management is a one-hour keynote address for university leadership and faculty, revealing how the liberal arts prepare students for jobs in business and leadership. Find out more about the three things liberal arts students offer that employers are desperate to find in their workforce today!

Nothing Prepares You for Leadership Like the Liberal Arts is a one-hour keynote speech for any liberal arts student who has wondered whether there’s truth to the rumor that their post-college career prospects are limited to publishing, non-profits, teaching and fast-food service.  (They’re not.)

Business Resumes for Liberal Arts Students is a four-hour workshop for humanities and social sciences students that covers:  how to build a resume from scratch; how to translate humanities and social sciences knowledge and experience into business terms.  Students also learn to write “objectives” and “summaries” that not only represent liberal arts abilities but also get noticed!

Business Writing for Writers, a workshop for students who already know how to write, teaching them to apply their writing ability to business “deliverables”—proposals, requirements documents, budget notes, status reports, organizational communication and more.  Sessions arranged to meet your schedule.  Maximum: 20 students.

Small group presentations/discussion groups with faculty.  Example:  Discussion with the English department to talk about how literature informs business leadership.  Or meeting with humanities faculty to talk about how being a better writer actually helps businesses save money.

I’m happy to customize programs to meet specific needs.  Tell me about your challenges and let’s design a program that works for you.

How to get started:

Call 323-246-9040

Email [email protected]


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