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Planning a Picnic... for Fifty?!

By Mpartyka @mpartyka2
Planning a picnic... for fifty?!Hello friends,
A few times a year we host a celebration dinner for the World Traveler's work team.  The planning done, now it's time to execute said plan, the party is in two days!
We are expecting close to fifty friends and coworkers to join us for a picnic themed evening, which will include a 'second annual' rib competition - two men, dozens of ribs, bragging rights.
Follow me on Instagram, and you will see that I have started the food prep (no caterers, rather a meal from the heart).   Tables and Charcoal grilling stations rented, $500 of meat purchased, fifty pounds of ribs smoked, and food prep begins today.  One more visit to the market to purchase the produce, and we will be ready to start cooking/baking.  
Planning a picnic... for fifty?!Every party needs a theme right?  This was fairly easy decision after shifting from heavy appetizers to a rib competition, it's summer... let's have a picnic, simplified. Red and white! We have paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, gingham linens, white and recycled color paper products/utensils. Mix in some music, wine... it will be a fun night.
I read Handmade Gatherings a few months ago and am using this book to guide our dinner party. Reading Ashley English's approach to party planning has me much more relaxed, open to accepting help, and enjoying every moment.  confession: I have a mad crush on her chicken coop, and property.
If you are planning a picnic/BBQ this summer, feel free to use any/all of our menu.  It's simple, well thought out, allowing us to bake in advance and enjoy everyone Friday evening. 
Small bitesCheese & CrackersAsian Dip and Wontons
DinnerBBQ RibsSmoked SalmonPB&J SquaresMushroom Lemon Quinoa Rocket Salad Roasted Red Potatoes with Chimichurri SauceWatermelon Baked Beans
DessertPear Walnut Tarta sampling of sweets from Nell
BeveragesFizzy Blueberry Mint LemonadeStrawberry Coconut Water  Beer & Wine
Planning a picnic... for fifty?!
{Photo Source: click here to visit my picnic board on Pinterest, with sources, recipes and more}
Lastly, wish me luck!

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