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Planning A Much Needed Alone Time in Costa Rica

Posted on the 13 April 2015 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl
Planning A Much Needed Alone Time in Costa Rica

While Costa Rica is known to be a lover’s paradise for many – I am planning some much needed alone time on this beautiful coast.

A friend of mine is getting married in Costa Rica, and I am so happy to have been invited. This beautiful place is ideal for an event that celebrates love, but what about your love for yourself? I say this is perfect opportunity to celebrate both!

The big plan now is to coincide my annual leave with her wedding, killing two birds with one stone. With the dates set, I started planning some must-sees in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has so many destinations to explore, and when you are in a situation where you are setting your dates and planning your own itinerary, itis best to really get to know what the country can offer before you commit to any packages or tours. This will help make sure that you dont look over the best destinations that only Costa Rica locals and experts would know.

Costa Rica can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but when you are trying to get some alone time, you will definitely have different expectations in some packages that involve families and children. That’s why it is best to plan it out on your own. Here are my top 3 plans that I chose from best places to visit in Costa Rica!

Face Your Fears : Arenal Volcano

Arenal is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. It stands more than 5,000 feet high and if lucky, you can catch a glimpse of it gloriously spewing fiery lava and ash. It’s sheer power and magnificence is a sight to behold. While you would be dumb to come too close, just being at its base in its observatory lodge will give you a humbling moment with Mother Nature.


Heed the Call of La Fortuna

I am so excited to take on the challenge that is the La Fortuna Waterfall tour. It is a challenging tour that takes you from the hotel via a short car ride, a hike, and a horseride. It is a test of your physical fitness, and I am up for a challenge! Especially if the end in sight is a magical 200 ft waterfall. Yes, please!

Get Amazed by the Waters of the Celeste River

The Celeste River is one of Costa Rica’s most iconic destinations. Its water is so blue that it almost looks artificial. The mere sight of it can inspire you!

Planning your own alone time in Costa Rica? Share your plans below!

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