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Planning A Holiday? Consider These Unique Holiday Ideas

Posted on the 15 August 2016 by Cheekymeeky

Are you fed up of the same old holidays? A lot of people opt for the same kind of beach holidays in all-inclusive hotels year by year. But maybe you want something different. Something a little more unique.

If you're looking for alternative holiday ideas, then you've come to the right place. Here are some unique ways you can enjoy your next holiday destination.

Go on a cruise

A cruise is a great way to relax and travel around the world. Cruises stop at multiple locations, so you'll be able to see different countries, cities and islands each day. Maybe you want to cruise around the Mediterranean, visiting Rome, Monaco and Monte Carlo. Or maybe you want to see around Europe, checking out Southampton, Amsterdam and Bruges.

And the places you'll visit aren't the only part. Cruise ships also offer accommodation, so you can have a luxurious stay while you travel through the sea. In addition to all-day entertainment, pools, food and drink, it's almost like a holiday within a holiday.

Cruises are available for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Wherever you plan on going, check out Bolsover Cruise Club to see your options.

Travel in A motorhome

Another fun way to travel from location to location is with a campervan or motorhome. Many countries offer motorhome parking so you can stay somewhere different each night. You'll have all your luggage inside your own vehicle, so you'll never have to worry about losing it. They also feature places to sleep and some small kitchen and bathroom facilities.

You can also take your motorhome to different campsites. Campsites usually offer entertainment, activities and food and drink to enjoy, in addition to a place to camp your motorhome.

Motorhomes can be bought or rent. You can even bring some traditional camping gear to enjoy the outdoors while you travel. Check out some campervan sites to plan your next holiday.

Book a ski trip

If you're sick of all the hot weather, why not try somewhere cooler? Even in summer, there are many mountainous locations that are covered in snow year round to enjoy a ski weekend.

You could learn a new skill in skiing or snowboarding. You can also enjoy the cool breeze while you head up in the air on a ski-lift. When you just feel like relaxing, you can chill out in the lodge and enjoy some hot drinks.

Ski trips let you take in nature in a way you probably haven't before. Whether you hit the slopes of the Alps or Lapland, try out a ski trip if you're looking for a new and exciting holiday.

Other ideas

There are many other ways you can add some spice to your holiday. A bus tour can take you around all the attractions of a tourist location in one day. If you have the time and the money, you could even backpack around the world, checking out different cultures day by day.

Whatever you decide to do, don't be afraid to try something different next time you plan a holiday.

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