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Planned Parenthood Pornography

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

This organization, not satisfied with killing your babies in the womb, is now spending millions to pervert your children who managed to escape the abortionist’s knife. 

Planned Parenthood Business Plan

Planned Parenthood Business Plan


Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE), which received more than $2.75 million in government funding in 2012, produced a video that promotes sado-masochism and bondage (BDSM) and proposes “rules” to follow to make BDSM “fun” and “safe” for teens.


Want to promote something really evil? No problem! Just use an innocent looking girl to sell it.


As reported by CNS News, the video is hosted by Laci Green, who informs teens that BDSM is an appropriate topic for “National Kink Month.” In the video, Green states, “People sometimes think that those who practice BDSM are emotionally scarred or were once abused – not true, it’s a total myth. BDSM relies upon and creates trust.”

According to the PPNNE 2012 Annual Report, titled “Building a Brighter Future,” Meagan Gallagher, president and CEO of the Planned Parenthood affiliate which includes the states of Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire, discusses the origin of the project that produced the BDSM video:

We continued to grow our online presence, and launched an innovative social education project called “A Naked Notion” ( The numbers show that young people took notice – PPNNE’s “A Naked Notion” YouTube channel has been viewed more than a million times!

On its website page titled “For Teens,” PPNNE states, “We are dedicated to protecting the sexual health of teens by providing accurate information, opportunities to explore and establish beliefs and attitudes, and the skills to communicate their needs.”

“For teens who are sexually involved, Planned Parenthood is committed to providing resources for safeguarding their emotional and physical health,” PPNNE’s website adds.

The PPNNE link to the “Teen Resource Center” takes teens to “A Naked Notion’s” YouTube channel. Other topics covered by the videos include “Abortion Options,” “Pulling Out” as a means of birth control, “Telling Your Partner You Have An STI,” “Problems With Penises,” and “The Morning After Pill.”

In honor of Valentine’s Day, PPNNE also held a “Condom Contest” in which teens were asked to “guess the correct number of rubbers in the jar and win a Planned Parenthood gift basket!”

“It is so sad to see Planned Parenthood spending millions of dollars making videos for teens promoting bondage and sado-masochistic sexual liaisons,” Dr. Janice Crouse ofConcerned Women For America told Breitbart News. “They are deceiving Americans by describing their mission as promoting the health and well-being for girls and women. Instead, Planned Parenthood betrays those sincere adults – mostly parents – who give them money. Worse, that money is used for projects like this that exploits girls who are young and vulnerable.”

The online project “A Naked Notion” is only one initiative of the entire Planned Parenthood organization, which is now preparing to launch its most extensive and expensive political campaign in its history this year.

As reported by Politico, Planned Parenthood’s midterm campaign is expected to cost more than $18 million, making the abortion industry giant’s political arms – Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Planned Parenthood Votes – two of the biggest spenders for the left and the Democratic Party.

According to Planned Parenthood officials, the organization will spend in at least fourteen states, including North Carolina, Alaska, and Montana, where key Senate races will be held, and for the governors’ races in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas. In Texas, Planned Parenthood will give its support to late-term abortion advocate state Sen. Wendy Davis (D), and in Pennsylvania to Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D).

Campaign tactics for Planned Parenthood include an aggressive door-knocking initiative, campaign mail, and paid ads on television and online. The organization plans to use the election of Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe in Virginia – who defeated pro-life candidate Ken Cuccinelli – as an example of its success.

“The bottom line is: Many of these races are going to be determined by women and women voters,” said Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood. “To the extent that we still have politicians who are running on a platform to repeal women’s access to health care and women’s rights, that’s a losing proposition,” Richards said. “We will absolutely be on the offense on these issues.”

THIS is how President Lucifer is spending your tax dollars, when he’s not sending material and tactical support to jihadists to behead Christians in Syria. 

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