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Planned Parenthood

Posted on the 24 July 2015 by Adask

The best terms I’ve seen to describe the sale of organs from aborted babies by Planned Parenthood are “depraved” and “moral depravity”.

But there are several questions that will have to be answered:

1.  Did the corporation “Planned Parenthood” actually derive any reportable income from the sale of parts of aborted babies?  I.e., did any of money generated go to the corporation?

2.  Were the “profits” acquired only by Planned Parenthood employees who sold baby parts strictly in their own, personal capacity and pocketed 100% of the resulting income?

3.  Did the Planned Parenthood corporation know that some of their employees were personally profiting from the sale of parts of murdered babies?  I.e., did the Planned Parenthood corporatioin tacitly, but not officially, condone the sale of body parts as a secret, financial “perq” for some key employees?

4.  Was the money paid to Planned Parenthood and/or its employees paid in the form of cash, checks, or both?

5.  Who bought the baby parts?  Is the purchase or possession of baby parts a crime in itself?  Are the buyers liable?  Are they even identifiable?

Here’s a short video on the subject:

video    00:01:55

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