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Pitt : The Push To Bring Back The Pitt Script Logo

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
for all of the Pitt fans here and the non-Pitt fans, this is a topic everyone can really share an equal appreciation for. Back in the 1990's, Steve Pederson came to Pitt, changed the colors (to Navy and Vegas Gold), the name (To Pittsburgh) and the logo (to an ugly Panther). After he left for a few years, "Pittsburgh" was changed back to "Pitt" and I believe that "Pitt" was added back to the helmet during this time frame..
Now, with Pitt moving to the ACC there's been a fan push to bring back Pitt's identity and bring back the "Pitt Script" logo. When one identifies successful Pitt football in our generations, it's with the Script logo. Tony Dorsett wore it and won the Heisman. Pitt won a National Championship wearing the logo. Dan Marino wore it. Curtis Martin wore it. Poor Larry Fitzgerald had to wear the ugly "Pittsburgh" uniforms with the ugly panther logo on the helmet.
Basically it's about returning Pitt some of it's former identity.
Personally I think that it can be done (the logo change), the color scheme changing, is a little bit tougher. I think if there were a change to the Pitt Script it would have to be done (for now) with the current Notre Dame colors errrr... Pitt's Navy blue and Vegas Gold :D
I read on the Cardiac Hill Blog someone said that the University itself doesn't supposedly own the rights to the script Logo :
Athletic dept does not own the rights to Pitt script, it belongs to the University’s General fund. All reproduction of the script results in payments to the General Fund at Pitt . Pederson does not want to share revenue with the University so they hold the rights to the block Pitt currently in use. All revenues raised from the reproduction of block Pitt goes to the Athletic Dept. Steve prefers 100% of the pie not paying the University for the script.
followed by a great response :
Cardiac Hill makes the correct point. They still sell lots of script merchandise, and keep adding more…Why? Because it sells…. so obviously the business case still works in their favor of selling the Pitt script. It’s about volumes. The Athletic Dept. also likely gets 100% of the revenues for the “dog/seal/dino-cat” logos… 100% of a pie that doesn’t sell.
So is it a combination of Steve Pederson's stupidity and greed holding back the university from switching to the Pitt script logo or at least the Athletics?
There's a great Facebook site :
This guy is a Graphic Artist. Current Pitt players have come to him asking him to photoshop them in Pitt Script uniforms because they love the look better. So, he's been doing that, putting together a push to bring the script back, has had meetings with the university to propose this, has been interviewed on the radio, etc... This guys will can't be denied. If you're on Facebook and a Pitt fan, Like him for sure.
Pitt : The Push To Bring Back The Pitt Script Logo
Pitt : The Push To Bring Back The Pitt Script Logo
Pitt : The Push To Bring Back The Pitt Script Logo
Pitt : The Push To Bring Back The Pitt Script LogoPitt : The Push To Bring Back The Pitt Script Logo

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