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Pitching: Front Side – Back Side

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

Of all the things I mention to pitchers, “reversing your shoulders and hips” tends to be the most common.  As pitchers get older, the distance they pitch from gets longer.  If they do not master this primary concept they will have a short career on a full size field.  The photo sequence below is a great look of how it is done.  


When the pitcher gets towards his balance point before moving forward his whole glove side (shoulder, outside of his knee, outside of his lead foot) are facing home plate.  When his delivery is finished, his whole backside (shoulder, side of knee) is now facing home plate.  The two sides have reversed themselves during the pitching delivery.

There is a need to fine tune some of the mechanics involved but if pitchers do not master this basic concept of pitching they are going to struggle at some point.  Most often it will occur when they move to a larger field.

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