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Pine Cone Bird Feeders

By Peaceloveorganicmom
My daughter and I love to make bird feeders every Fall and hang them on a tree right outside our dining room window. We enjoy watching all the different birds land on them and like to keep our Audubon book close-by to see which type of bird it is. Pine cone bird feeders are a super easy craft to do with your little one with minimal clean up.
What you will need:
(2) knives (1 child safe)
(2) 12" pieces of yarn
(2) pine cones
(1) cup peanut butter
(2) cups bird seed
Pine Cone Bird Feeders

1.) Tie yarn in a knot at the tip of the pinecone.
2.) Spread a generous amount of peanut butter all over pine cone until completely covered with knife.
Pine Cone Bird Feeders
3.) Roll pine cone in birdseed until it is completely covered.
Pine Cone Bird Feeders
4.) Hang from tree (high enough so other animals won't get into it) and watch birds come and enjoy the  feeder you made :)
Pine Cone Bird Feeders

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