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Pillow Fighting in Amsterdam

By Amsterdam City Tours

Pillow fighting in Amsterdam

If you find feathers flying in the centre of Amsterdam, it’s not a supernatural fluke – it’s all part of the international event World Pillow Fight Day.

Smack in the heart of Amsterdam, the Dam Square will be filled with thousands of revllers on Saturday 2 April.

The Dam is just one of the worldwide locations where pyjama clad ruffians will be duking it out with huge, down pillows. And everyone’s invited to join in the battle!

The spectacle is the third annual installment of World Pillow Fight Day. And pillows will be simultaneously flying across the globe in cities like Adelaide, Atlanta, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Brussels and Budapest to name only a few.

Last year’s Amsterdam event was a smash with families of pillow fighters, students, shop keepers and travellers.

Pillow fighting in Amsterdam

“It was unbelievable,” says Andy Caroll, from the UK who stumbled upon the event last year. “There were feathers everywhere and everyone was just laughing and fighting. I had a blast!”

In Amsterdam, no one needs a reason to let loose and have a little fun. But with World Pillow Fight Day, the aim is to encourage an appreciation of freedom of expression.

“Our world is increasingly obsessed with regulations, security and commercialism. This threatens our freedom and creativity,” say Amsterdam’s pillow fight leaders.

“That’s why we must reclaim the streets as a place where everybody can simply have fun – without meddling authorities or corporate sponsors.”

It is a grand message, but having fun is the most important part of World Pillow Fight Day; a wake-up call for the little kid in all of us.

And afterwards, the big kid in all of us is invited to attend the World Pillow Fight Day after parties happening across Amsterdam. And with the April spring in full effect, a warm weather fest is expected.

No matter where you are in the world, all you need is a pillow and a swinging attitude to be a part of a global movement of fun.

Pillow fighting in Amsterdam

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