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Pill Friends Explore Apathy and Darkness with ‘Bleed’ [Stream]

Posted on the 18 March 2016 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

Pill Friends Explore Apathy and Darkness with ‘Bleed’ [Stream]

“Bleed”, from the newly released album Child Sacrifice by Pill Friends, is a guaranteed musical escape from the pangs of reality. The track is suggestive of an apathetic approach to life in a uniquely inspiring way — a theme methodically embodied within the entirety of Child Sacrifice. Fronted with shimmering guitar that gently builds into a heavy drop, “Bleed” is instrumentally easy to sink into. The distinct and absorbing vocals of Ryan Wilson are matched by the seamless harmonies of keyboardist Erin Porter. Clean guitar chords and a modest drumbeat fuel the song in a perfectly unassertive way while Wilson and Porter’s vocal duet makes the repetition of naturally dark lines, “you’ll never mean anything at all” sound inherently optimistic.

Pill Friends’ darker lyricism folded into an upbeat tempo makes for contrast that adds an additionally intricate layer to this track. “Bleed” is a quick but compelling two-and-a-half minutes to embrace carelessness and unearth liberation in the band’s wistful lyricism. This track and fourteen others are available on Child Sacrifice.

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