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Pilgrim Hats

By Tryitonme @tryitonme
Happy {almost} Thanksgiving! I have an annual routine that I follow each and every Thanksgiving. I go to my local newsstand, buy the SUPER-SIZED newspaper containing the endless advertisements for Black Friday, and peruse while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Once finished, I make my traditional cookie du jour~ Pilgrim Hats. One of the simplest and best "no-bake" cookie recipes I've encountered, and a tremendous crowd pleaser {to my family at least}! I'm not domestic, I do not cook {I set a small kitchen fire making brown rice!}, and nor do I try. But I of course love to contribute a little adorableness to the Thanksgiving table. If you are anything like me, you will love these cookies!
Pilgrim Hats
What you will need~ 
1 package Striped Shortbread Cookies1 bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups2 Tubes of yellow frosting
1 box Orange Tic-Tacs
Pilgrim HatsPilgrim HatsPilgrim HatsPilgrim Hats
1) Place cookie fudge side up, on a platterPilgrim Hats
2) Put a generous dolup of frosting on the peanut butter cup.Pilgrim Hats
3) Push the peanut butter cup down on the cookie, until the frosting curls up on all sides.Pilgrim Hats
4) Finally, dress with a tic-tac.Pilgrim Hats
And there you have it, Pilgrim Hats! A cookie brim, peanut butter cup top, frosting ribbon, and tic-tac buckle.
Pilgrim Hats

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