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Pieday Friday ~ Cornflake Cobweb Cakes

By Cassiefairy @Cassiefairy

Now that we’re heading towards the end of October, I think it’s okay for me to start talking about making cakes for your Halloween party! Even if you’re not having a Halloween party for the little ‘uns, maybe you can make these little cakes for the trick-or-treaters, or just make them for you to scoff yourself (that’s what I’ll be doing!) Either way, they are tasty little cakes that will be enjoyed by everyone and have a bit of a spooky twist for Halloween. Last week I wrote about chocolate orange cupcakes, which  would be equally good for your Halloween party so check out my last Pieday Friday post here.

You will need: Cornflakes, chocolate or chocolate flavor cake topping, sultanas or cherries, white icing, black icing, cupcake cases

pieday friday halloween chocolate cornflake cakes with cobwebs and dead flies sultanas

First melt a pack of dark chocolate in a basin over boiling water or zap in the microwave for a few seconds at a time until melted. Using chocolate flavor cake topping works just as well and is super-easy to melt in the microwave without burning. Next mix in cornflakes (or rice crispies if you prefer) and as long as the chocolate carries on coating the flakes, keep adding more and more handfuls of cornflakes. Next add ‘dead flies’ – a couple of big handfuls of sultanas. This gives a lovely fruity twist and, as chocolate raisins are my favorite naughty snack, this is right up my street! If you don’t like sultanas, try chopped glacé cherries instead. Mix the fruit into the chocolate cornflake mixture, then spoon into cupcake cases and try to mound it up into a peak. Put the cakes into the fridge to set and once the chocolate has hardened you can ice a cobweb over the cake. Starting from the highest point in the centre, pipe thin lines out to the edge of the cupcake case, then loop more ‘cobweb’ around the cake, from line to line. I tried to pipe a spider onto my cakes, but they ended up looking like centipedes (I think I did too many legs) so I gave up on spiders! Plus, I’d be too scared to eat the cakes if they had spiders on, albeit black icing ones!

pieday friday halloween chocolate cornflake cakes with iced cobwebs and dead flies sultanas

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