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Piece of Glass: Part Deux

Posted on the 09 November 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Piece of Glass: Part DeuxAs you already know – waiting sucks – especially when you’ve been looking forward to something you really love!

That is why self-published author, Deborah Court made sure she sent us the second part of the story very early this morning. She didn’t want to disappoint her fellow Eric & Sookie Lovin’ readers!

(The only reason why we made you wait so long, was my fault, because I had to work all day…sorry about that.)

For those who are wondering WTF we’re talking about, you can read the first part of the story here!

Piece of Glass: Part Deux
If you love her Eric & Sookie story and are interested in reading her story, “Bound To The Prince”! You can order it through here! It’s a great read!

STORY STATUS UPDATE: Deborah has told us she’s going to need more than 4 parts! Hope you won’t mind…she mentioned something about needing a full chapter for some Eric and Sookie lovin’…if you know what I mean?!

Yes, it sounds like we’re going to be really enjoying this story! LOL

Without further delay…here’s Part 2 of Deborah’s story, Piece of Glass! We hope you enjoy it! Remember, comments are more than welcome!

Piece of Glass

Part Two

By Deborah Court

“It’s the Goddess Freya,” a sudden voice said from behind. “The Vikings believed that she comforted the fallen warriors who were dying, and eased their way into Valhalla.” Sookie whirled around with a shocked outcry.

“Pam!” Sookie hissed. “Show yourself!”

“Afraid of the dark, Sookie?” Pam said, stepping out of the shadows beneath a tree. She gave Sookie a wide smile, showing off her sharp fangs and lips that were tainted with a touch of crimson. It was obvious that the vampire just had fed, either from a small animal or an unsuspecting human stupid enough to walk the cemetery after nightfall. Her face shone with youth and radiance. Looking at Sookie, she licked her lips as if she was contemplating what to eat next.

“I see that you are very worried about your maker,” Sookie said sarcastically, looking Pam up and down. The vampire’s appearance was flawless as always; she was clad in black tight leather pants, a short black jacket and matching corset that showed off her cleavage. It was sexy but classy, and Sookie felt slightly shabby in her no-name jeans, sneakers and white tee.

Pam dropped her mask of indifference, and in an instant, all humor was gone from her face. “You don’t know anything about my emotions,” she growled, and Sookie realized that it was very dangerous to talk to the vampire in such a way, clearly bringing herself into grave danger. If Pam had spoken the truth, Eric was in no state to protect her from the deadly fury of his progeny. There wouldn’t be anyone around to help her if the female vampire chose to rip her heart out as she had suggested on the phone.

Maybe Pam’s whole call had been nothing but a lie, and it was a trap to get Sookie here all alone. At night, a cemetery was the perfect place to get rid of humans who had broken the heart of one’s beloved maker. Besides, no one would find her body if Pam hid it in a fresh grave, something Sookie had once learned from Eric. Now his progeny had lured her here to kill her, to get her own taste of fairy blood before she finished her off for good. Eric might not even be here in this crypt, but well and sound at Fangtasia, unsuspecting of Pam’s plans.

Sookie shivered. How could she have been so naive? Would Eric sense her fear when Pam attacked her?

She tensed when Pam came nearer, taking a sniff at Sookie’s hair. “Delicious,” she said. “I can’t blame Eric for his foolish obsession with you.” Then, to Sookie’s utter surprise, she took her hand into her own cold fingers and looked at her, pleadingly. “You have to wake him before dawn, Sookie,” she said. “He must hide from the Authority’s agents for a while, even if his pride won’t allow it. Make him remember how much he loves life. Don’t let me kill him.”

Taken aback by Pam’s unusual outburst of emotion, Sookie simply nodded. Then she withdrew her hand from Pam’s and pushed against the door to the tomb. It opened silently, not a sound disturbing the night. Before Sookie entered, she threw a backward glance at the female vampire, who shook her head.

“No,” Pam said. “I can’t help you in there. I’ll return to Fangtasia, pretending that nothing’s wrong. If they come for Eric, I`d rather die than betray this place to them. I made this mistake only once, I swear” she added gravely. “But it’s possible they might torture me, so you’ll have to lock up this tomb from inside. It’s his last fortress, Sookie. When they take me down, you will be the only one who knows of this place.”

She reached up into a lower branch of the tree and removed something that had been hidden there, handing it to Sookie. It was a large document envelope. “Oh, before I forget – he asked me to give this to you.”

“What’s this?” Sookie asked.

“The deed to your house. It’s yours. He intended to give it back to you even before he knew that the true death sentence was issued. Maybe I should also mention that he changed his last will. When he’s gone, you’ll never have to work as a waitress again. He left half of his fortune to you, the other half to me, although I don’t know why he should give me anything after I disappointed him so much by endangering you.”

Sookie held her breath for a moment to prevent herself from crying again. “I do not want any of this,” she said. “I don’t care who owns that house as long as I have him back there, where he belongs. With me.”

Pam lifted her eyebrows questioningly. “Oh,” she said. “So you do love him after all.”

“Although it’s none of your business, yes I do,” Sookie said, giving her back the envelope. “Keep this for me until I have managed to wake up Eric. I intend to discuss this with him personally.”

“I hope you’ll succeed, Sookie,” Pam answered, her voice almost breaking now. “I’ll give this to your shapeshifter friend for safekeeping – the one who owns the bar.” Suddenly a shadow darkened her features, and the desperation about what Eric had ordered her to do was clearly visible in her face.

“Help my maker return to the land of the living, and convince him to take back his command,” Pam said. A single drop of blood emerged from one of her eyes and rolled down her alabaster cheek. “If you do this for me, I’ll be indebted to you forever.”

“I won’t do it for you,” Sookie said. “He has been willing to die to save me more than just once. Now it’s my turn, Pam. I won’t leave this tomb without Eric. If he doesn’t wake up, wouldn’t it keep you out if I Iocked this door from the inside?”

“Yes,” Pam whispered. “But you’d have to come out eventually, before you died of thirst or hunger. There won’t be enough air to breathe for you after a night and maybe a day. This tomb wasn’t built for humans.”

“We’ll see,” Sookie said. Then she turned around and entered the mausoleum. When she stepped inside, it took a while until her eyes adjusted to the gloomy interior. It was very dark, only lit by a few candles that were burning in the corners. She didn’t see any religious symbols, just a few medieval weapons that adorned the walls – a spear, a helmet, two swords and several daggers, their blades encrusted with stones that looked suspiciously like real gemstones to her.

A large tapestry on the back wall depicted armored warriors engaged in battle or swordplay. The colors were so faded that she couldn’t tell for sure. Along one side wall there was a table that held different ancient-looking objects – goblets, a drinking horn, a helmet, shield and a spear, a woman’s brooch, a tiny bronze ring that looked like an infant’s rattle, and a neck torc in form of a dragon. There was nothing made of silver, of course. A faint shimmer in the candlelight drew her attention to a golden circlet that had been carefully placed on a blue velvet pillow. She gasped when she realized that it was a Viking crown. There wasn’t any doubt that Eric kept his family’s heirlooms here.

The mausoleum had no stained glass windows, and no openings apart from the entrance. The heavy door looked antique from the outside, but inside it was secured by several state-of-the-art safety locks. Not a single ray of light would disturb a vampire’s rest here when the tomb was locked up. Probably Eric had built this as a safe place for Pam and himself in case they’d have to go into hiding quickly. Yet at the same time Sookie felt that he had intended this to be his final resting place, provided that he ever met the true death.

It looked exactly like how a Viking would want to be buried, with his most precious belongings so he could take them with him to his next life. It was Eric’s inner sanctum, and she felt shaken by the knowledge. It was as if she had seen his inner self without his permission.

Her vampire rested on a large block of marble in the middle of the room. His hands were holding a huge battle sword on his chest, tip down. As usual, he was dressed in black – long tight trousers with boots and a linen shirt with wide sleeves, over which he wore a knee-length chainmail. It gave him the appearance of a medieval knight. Sookie held her breath while she watched him for a moment, mesmerized by his peaceful beauty. He looked like a sleeping king, and maybe he truly was, as she concluded from the crown on the table.

Despite his astounding ability to adapt to the time he lived in, this attire suited him so much better. Now she understood the sincerity of his offer to take her under his protection, his possessiveness when he had tried to lure her away from Bill and claim her for his own. He was a Viking warrior, accustomed to take what he desired, but at the same time protecting what was his. It was the way of thinking he had been raised with.

For the first time, she wondered about how it must feel to be so incredibly old, to be the only relic of a world that had vanished long ago; to be alive after every person, every place you ever knew had been wiped out and turned to dust. All she could think of was how utterly lonely he must have been all the time. A shiver ran through her body when she cautiously stepped nearer. She knew that he wasn’t dead. After he had shared his blood with her, she was positive that she’d feel it if he was truly gone.

Crying out his name, she ran to him and covered one of his hands with her own. He was even colder than usual. She pressed his fingers, but he didn’t react. Reaching up, she stroked his cool pale cheek. “Wake up, Eric,” she ordered. “It’s me, Sookie.” His face stayed as still and relaxed as if it was made of stone, like a statue. Feeling panic rising inside her, she grabbed his shoulders and shook him, but it was in vain.

Desperate now, she pounded her fists against his chest, shouting at him furiously. “Get up, you stupid Viking! Why did you give up so quickly on me? I thought you were stubborn enough to make sure you always got what you wanted, and now you’ve decided to go to Valhalla just because I rejected you? How could you believe me?” When he didn’t move, she slapped him once, twice, anxiously watching him for any reaction, but saw nothing. She even tried to use her fairy powers on him, but nothing happened. Wrapping her arms around him, she threw herself over his unmoving body, resting her head on his shoulder. Tears welled up in her eyes as she spoke out the words she should have said when he had laid open his heart to her, asking her to choose him.

“I’m yours, Eric,” she whispered. “Forever. Please don’t leave me. I want you to come home.”


Sookie had been lying with Eric for a while, with her arms holding him, her face buried into his neck. As she let her hand wander over him slowly, she suddenly touched the cold hard steel of Eric’s sword. Gasping, she sat up and looked down at the sharp weapon. A thought began to form in her mind, only a glint of hope at first.

The vampire had retreated so far into his own mind that he was more dead than alive now, but she still sensed a spark inside him. After their blood bond, she felt deeply connected to him. They had been so enraptured with each other that they had shared an ecstatic fantasy, but it had felt so real. Her body tightened when she remembered how he had loved her on the bed in the middle of a snow-covered forest. If Eric was caught inside his own dream now, she could join him there. If she’d only reach him, surely she would be able to convince him to come back with her.

With a joyful cry she jumped down from the slab and walked over to the door, closing it quickly. Four heavy bolts and the mechanism of the safety lock slid effortlessly into place, and all the night sounds from the cemetery outside were blocked out. Apart from the faint candlelight, the room was delved into darkness. Sookie climbed right on top of Eric, straddling him. She hesitated only for a short moment before she drew her right palm along the blade of the sword, slicing it open. A gush of deep red blood emerged, and she brought her hand to his mouth. “Drink, Eric,” she begged him. His lips were slightly opened, and her blood trickled down between them, feeding him. She didn’t see him swallow, but she was positive that his face and lips weren’t as pale as before.

Now to the difficult part, she thought. Sookie tried to pull his hands away from the hilt of the sword, but he held onto it so tight that she couldn’t lift a single of his fingers. She considered using one of the other weapons, but then she saw that the tip of the sword rested on the inside of his thigh. “Forgive me,” she whispered, then grabbed his hands above the hilt and pushed down as hard as she could. The sharp edge of the steel pierced the skin on his leg. She moved down to his thigh and ripped open the fabric of his pants to cover the fresh wound with her mouth, sucking fiercely, greedily drinking his blood before his flesh could heal. As she had suspected, it happened only after a few moments, but by then she had swallowed enough to renew the bond they had shared only days ago.

The power of his blood hit her with a force that was infinitely stronger than the last time she had experienced it. The rush of ecstasy came instantly, and it was mind-blowing. Her body seemed to awaken from a long sleep, growing more alive with every second. Eric’s essence heightened her senses; and she was driven into a sexual frenzy that made her throw back her head and moan with unfulfilled need. She trembled with desire, aching for the touch of his strong hands, the heat of his mouth all over her skin. The urge to have him inside of her was overwhelming. Falling forward, she fully stretched out on his body, rubbing herself against him while she covered his face with kisses.

“Wherever you are, take me with you,” she whispered into his ear as the storm consumed her and threw her into a maelstrom of oblivion. Then, there was nothing left but the frantic pounding of her own heart that echoed in her ears, faster and faster until she was taken by darkness.

To be continued…

© All characters are the property of Charlaine Harris and True blood HBO. No copyright infringement is intended. No monetary compensation is gained. Used for entertainment purposes only.

Thanks again Deborah for writing this great story about Eric and Sookie for us! We’re really enjoying it! Hope you won’t make us wait too long for the next installment!

Now it’s your turn…what did you think? Share your comments below!

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