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Piece of Glass: Part 8

Posted on the 15 November 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

What’s better (after a long day of work) than to find Part 8 of author Deborah Court’s Eric & Sookie story, “Piece of Glass” – waiting for me in my email inbox? NOTHING, I’d say! Well, that’s what happened and that’s why our weekly newsletter, The Gracious Plenty will be a little delayed!

Piece of Glass: Part 8
I’m not spoiling you…but you better have your Kleenex handy and be prepared for some great Eric and Sookie dialogue! Just like all the rest of the chapters, you’re going to LOVE this one too!

Piece of Glass: Part 8
If you love Deborah’s Eric & Sookie story – you’ll love her novel too! You can purchase Deborah’s novel, “Bound To The Prince” through!

For those who have missed previously posted parts, we now have it categorized underneath the “Fanfics” tab at the top of the page to make it easier for you to find! Look for “Piece of Glass by Deborah Court” – all the parts we’ve posted will be there for your Eric & Sookie readin’ pleasure at your convenience!

Are you ready? Now on with the story…

Piece of Glass

Part Eight

By Deborah Court

Long after Eric had carried her exhausted body out of the tub, she lay beside him on a bed of furs, placed comfortably near the heat of the fire pit. After she had washed his hair as any good Viking woman would do for her man, as he told her, Eric had offered to wash her hair and body in return. And he had done it most thoroughly, which had led to another round of lovemaking. He’d also proved to her – in a most pleasurable way – that vampires didn’t have to breathe under water.

This time, he had held her close to his heart, telling her he loved her again and again while he buried himself deep within her, his eyes closed in sheer rapture. She had kissed away the tears from his cheeks, whispering to him that she was his, and that she’d stay at his side forever.

Now he slowly moved over her body, licking away the last drops of moisture he had missed while toweling her dry. “I can’t get enough of your taste,” he said huskily, using the tip of his tongue to follow a trail of water that ran over the inside of her thigh. His hair slid over her skin like silken liquid gold as he advanced between her legs, continuing his exploration.

Sookie lay stretched out on her back, smiling. She felt cherished like a goddess – just as he had promised. “And I can’t get enough of you tasting me,” she murmured, tensing when he parted her with his tongue. She began to react to him so readily that he needed only a few moments to drive her over the edge again.

She must have drifted away for some time since he was holding her in his arms when she opened her eyes, his long, sculpted body wrapped all around her. She had never felt so protected before. His chin rested on her head, and he began to talk when he sensed that she had awoken.

“I still can’t believe it’s you, my Sookie,” he said, entwining his fingers into hers. He seemed to have acquired that as a habit, she noticed, her heart beating faster at this subtle commitment of intimacy. She knew that he must have had many women before her, but she didn’t believe that he had been with them like this – simply holding them. “That you took all of this upon yourself just to bring me back. I’d never thought that you’d come after me. I had given up every hope that you would ever choose me.”

“I chose you long ago,” she said, placing a kiss on his shoulder. “At the time I just didn’t know it. Let’s go back now, Eric. You have to wake up, remember?”

He fell silent for a while, making her wonder if he had changed his mind. “I can’t,” he said.

She pushed herself up on one elbow to look into his eyes. “What do you mean?” she said, alarmed.

“I already tried to bring us back while you slept in my arms. All I need is to know that you’re safe, my lover. I concentrated on waking up with all my strength; and I really want to live, now that I know that you’ll be mine forever. I want us to go home, to your house. But as hard as I tried, nothing happened.”

She caught her breath and stared at him. “I want to live, too, Eric! You’ll have to do something! It was you who created this world, so surely you can …”

“No,” he whispered. “Forgive me. I failed you.”

She jumped up, looking down at him with her hands clasped to her hips. “How can you just say that? I don’t want to die in a fucking Viking bath house!”

“You are a glorious sight, my Sookie,” he said, admiring her naked body. “Well, I happen to particularly like this house, especially after everything we just did in that bathtub over there.”


He was up in a second, standing beside her and taking her hands into his. “I’m sorry, Sookie. I swear to you that I’ll return with you as soon as I’ve figured out how to accomplish this. Come here.” He captured her in an embrace, and held her so tight to his chest it almost hurt. Then he closed his eyes and concentrated.

She felt his incredible strength and power through the bond, surrounding them both like a cloud of pure energy. It must be the same ability he used when he glamored someone, only infinitely amplified. In that moment she realized how old and strong he was, and how hard he struggled to bring them back.

After a long time, the sensation vanished, and he bowed his head, burying his face at her neck. She slightly nodded her head in understanding. “I see,” she said. “Then all we can do is spend every moment together until the end.” Self-contempt about not being able to protect her tortured him, and she felt it, quickly adding, “I regret nothing, Eric. Being with you one more time was all I could ever hope for.” Groaning, he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her desperately, fiercely devouring her lips.

There was a loud thud at the door, and a man’s voice called, “Jarl Eric, you must come! All men have been called to arms! The Danes have landed.”

Eric shouted some orders back to the servant, and swiftly gathered his clothes from the floor. To Sookie’s surprise, his face had suddenly lit up. “Eric, don’t go,” she said, pleadingly.

His hair still wet, he donned his clothes and boots, and then turned to her, his striking blue eyes begging her to understand. “Sookie,” he said, “this is the reason why I couldn’t bring us back. There’s something I still need to do. It might be the only chance for me to redeem myself – proving myself worthy in battle so I may gain Odin’s favor again. Not as a vampire, but as a man, fighting for my people.

“When Godric turned me, I was gifted with increased strength and powers far beyond anything I’d ever imagined. I should have used my superiority to guard my people from harm. Yet I left them behind, and failed those who were supposed to live under my protection. This is what Godric tried to make me understand before he met the sun.”

“No!” she cried out. “You’ll get yourself killed! I won’t let you go!”

He crossed the distance between them and kissed her with all the longing he felt for her. “Let me go, my Sookie. It’s the only way. I swear that I’ll come back for you if I can, and return with you to the world of the living. But should I fall, you will be free to go. You must wake up and leave this tomb, knowing that I’ll reside in Valhalla where my love for you will live forever.”

Before she could think of an answer, he was out of the cabin and heading towards the long house, where he kept his chain mail and weapons. Aghast, she looked after him, unable to comprehend what he had just told her.

Taking a deep breath, she grabbed a large towel and wrapped it around her body. Her dress lay in shreds on the floor, so all she had to wear now was the beautiful blue gown Eric had given her. Well, if she was to die along with this stubborn Viking, at least she would be dressed nicely.

Just like that, he had decided to play the tragic hero and leave. But if Eric really believed she’d simply stay behind and cry her eyes out, he could not have been more mistaken.


To be continued…

© All characters are the property of Charlaine Harris and True blood HBO. No copyright infringement is intended. No monetary compensation is gained. Used for entertainment purposes only.

Thanks Deborah…now I’m crying! I loved their pillow talk! However, I don’t like seeing Eric and Sookie saying ‘goodbye’ to each other. I understand you have to throw a little angst into it, but it’s just so brave and heartbreaking of Eric to fight for his people and tell Sookie to go home. From the beginning of this chapter, to the end – it was amazing! Can’t wait for the next update!

Deborah loves reading your comments! Now it’s your turn to tell her what you thought about this chapter in the comment section below!

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