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Piece of Glass: Part 7

Posted on the 15 November 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Waiting sucks…and nobody knows it better than us!

From the title of this post, obviously author, Deborah Court has FINALLY (it took her long enough) sent us the next installment of her Eric & Sookie story, Piece of Glass! She promises it will be VERY steamy and did we mention…WET?

Piece of Glass: Part 7
To make up for the previous one – which was rather short – this one is extra long! And Oh…so…good!

Piece of Glass: Part 7
Before we get to the Eric & Sookie Lovin’…you can purchase Deborah’s novel, “Bound To The Prince” through!

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Remember, “Piece of Glass” can ONLY be found on Eric & Sookie Lovers! Not on…and not on any other blogs or websites out there. In fact, it can’t even be found on Deborah’s own site! LOL If you love this story – tell your friends about it and check in every day!

We have nothing less to say…other than, ENJOY!

Piece of Glass

Part Seven

By Deborah Court

The cabin at the edge of the woods was, in fact, a bath house. Sookie found this out a few moments later when Eric took her inside and dropped her on the fur-covered floor like a bag of grain. Ignoring her protests, he began to pace the cabin, meditatively. She didn’t dare to interrupt his thoughts, so she forced herself to be silent for once. The fact that he looked so furious gave her a spark of hope, that maybe she’d got through to him, that maybe he’d started to believe she was real.

In the meantime, the two servants brought buckets of hot water and filled the huge, deep wooden bathtub that dominated the room. All the while they carefully avoided coming too close to their scowling master. They also set up heated stones in a fire pit, pouring a scented liquid over them. Soon a thick steam that smelled of thyme and rosemary wavered through the windowless room. Sweat began to bead on Sookie’s forehead, and her clothes stuck to her back.

“Eric …” she finally said, when the men had left and closed the door behind them. “Why can’t you just believe me?”

He whirled around, his eyes ablaze with anger. “I’ve allowed this to go too far,” he hissed. “I should have known that being so close to your – her image wouldn’t leave me indifferent. We should cease this here and now.”

She gasped. “What do you mean?”

He averted his eyes. “You should leave me. Go back to wherever you came from.”

She cried out and jumped to her feet, walking up to him. He turned away, but she grabbed his hand to stop him. “No, Eric. I won’t leave you, ever.” Closing her eyes, she leaned her head against his back. “Forgive me if I hurt you … again,” she whispered, knowing that he had already given up. She had managed to achieve what over a thousand years of life hadn’t been able to do to him. She had broken his spirit, along with his heart.

“Everything that happened was my fault,” Sookie told him. “I shouldn’t have kept my true feelings from you. Now, if you don’t want me to talk about going back anymore, I won’t. I’ll stay with you. Just don’t send me away.” She felt his tall body shaking with emotion.

Slowly, he turned around and took her into his arms, resting his brow against hers. “Thank you,” he said in a husky voice. “How I wish you were real, my Sookie. I would have loved you forever. I would have worshipped you like a goddess. If only you’d loved me back.”

Tears filled her eyes as she raised her face to his until their eyes locked. “Let’s pretend that I am the real Sookie, Eric.”

He nodded. “Then I’ll show you how I would have treated you.” He buried his fingers in her hair and bowed his head to touch her lips with his – slowly, gently at first. “You taste like her,” he murmured between kisses. “You even smell like her.” He urged her to open her lips, boldly claiming her mouth when she did. Starting with a slow, sensual dance of his tongue, his kiss soon grew more passionate, exploring, ravishing her. He tenderly bit and suckled at her lips, then kissed her deeply, turned on by her sweet, low sounds of pleasure.

His hands were all over her, caressing her neck and back, then her delicious little butt. She molded into his body, rubbing against him like a cat. Her fingers began to play at his clothing and shove aside his tunic so she could follow the curve between his long, beautiful neck and the hard muscle of his shoulder. She stopped kissing him for a moment to touch him with her lips right there, savoring the strength of his tensing muscles when he felt her tongue on his skin.

Suddenly, their clothes were in the way, hindering them from touching each other. Eric grabbed the neckline of her dress and simply ripped it from her body, letting the crude wool fall down to the floor in shreds. Then her linen shift went the same way; Eric’s own clothes disappeared vampire-speed until nothing was left to separate their naked bodies. Their skin was moist from the hot steam. To Sookie’s surprise, Eric knelt down at her feet and started to lick the sweat from her body, groaning with delight with every drop he devoured.

“So … sweet,” he murmured as he licked his way down her stomach. He proceeded to her sensitive belly, stopping there for a moment to push his tongue deep into her navel, ensuring that not even the tiniest drop of moisture would escape his greedy mouth. It made Sookie giggle, but as he went further down, her laughter turned into a moan when she felt him there, parting her thighs with his hands. Swaying lightly, she stretched out her arms to get a grip on something before she fell, but he wrapped one arm around her waist, holding her firmly in place. Then his tongue lapped at her hot, wet cleft, and she screamed out from the sheer intensity of the sensation.

“This is what I would have done to you, my lover, for hours and hours, making you come as many times as your glorious little body could bear. You’d have begged me to stop, but I wouldn’t have – until you came for me again, one final, beautiful time, before falling asleep in my arms.”

The sight of his golden head between her thighs was almost too much to take, and she threw back her head, moaning in abandon. He started to torture her with the strong, well-placed strokes of his tongue, moving it up her tight channel until she whimpered for more. “I would have been everything you wanted me to be,” he said, placing tiny kisses all over her soft mound. “I would have made you open like a flower for me at my slightest touch; tied you up or served you as a slave; fucked you hard or loved you tenderly enough to make you cry,” he said, looking up into her eyes.

“The bathtub,” she whispered, breathlessly.

He laughed, and his boyish, triumphant grin reminded her of the Eric who had loved her in the moonlight, on a soft bed of moss and leaves. In the blink of an eye, she found herself in the hot water, straddling him. He covered her face and lips with playful kisses, and, while he latched his mouth on her neck, popped his fangs out. She breathed, “yes,” and he broke her skin, biting her with such mastery that she only felt the slightest amount of pain, enough to heighten her pleasure. Then, while he drank from her deeply, his hard, throbbing manhood slid into her, effortlessly, never stopping until they were one.

Moaning with the effort to restrain himself, Eric withdrew his fangs from her neck and licked the marks, then bit his wrist and offered her his blood. When she grabbed his arm, he began to thrust into her, with long, powerful strokes that shook her to the core. He gave a roar of wild, untamed pleasure when he felt her suck on him, greedily swallowing every drop of his sweet blood. Pounding into her, he shifted his angle so he rubbed against her sex with every single movement. “Faster, Eric,” she moaned, and when he moved within her with his vampire speed, she came in an instant, with strong, violent contractions that brought him over the edge at the same time. “Sookie,” he whispered, then he spent himself within her with a hoarse cry of satisfaction.

Still shaking from her release, she felt his hard arm slipping around her back before he lifted her towards him, raising her breasts out of the water. In a second, his mouth was all over her, kissing, caressing and sucking on her hardened nipples. He made her tighten even more for him before he bit her, pinching the other aroused peak between his long fingers. Sookie screamed from pain and pleasure while he suckled her hard, taking just a few drops of blood before he repeated the action with her other breast. He had not grown soft for a moment, but resumed moving deep within her in a slow, steady pace, until she had recovered from her first orgasm and felt her desire rising again.

She entangled her fingers in his long, wet hair and forced back his head, kissing her Viking with all the love she felt for him. This time it was she who made him open his lips, playing with his tongue before she touched the tip of one of his fangs. The tip was so sharp that her tongue started to bleed from a tiny wound. It drove Eric wild, and he sucked her tongue deeply into his mouth, unwilling to waste even the tiniest drop of her delicious blood.

Snarling like a wild beast, he pulled out of her and turned her around, placing her hands onto the wooden edge of the tub. “Hold on tight,” he ordered, before making her spread her legs and raise her butt out of the water. Then he placed himself behind her and pressed his long, hard shaft into her tight body, very slowly. He moved into her inch by inch, always stopping when she uttered a sound of discomfort, and waited patiently until she relaxed again. Finally, he had entered her deeper than ever before, touching her core, stretching her inner walls to adjust to his size. Whimpering with lust, Sookie felt driven right out of her mind, lost in the joy of his complete possession. Eric was completely in control now; she couldn’t do anything to escape him, no matter how deeply he chose to enter her. His big hands were locked around her waist and kept her from moving where he didn’t want her.

“Oh yes, and I’d have done exactly this to you,” he said. Then he pulled himself back until only the head of his manhood was inside her, pausing for a moment. Her frustrated moan seemed to satisfy him, and he went deep inside again. “Do you want me, Sookie?” he asked, his voice raw with desire. “Are you mine?

“I’m yours,” she sighed dreamily. “I want you, Eric. I’ve always wanted you.”

The words he so longed to hear made him utter a growl of deep satisfaction, and he began to thrust into her even deeper, burying himself within her to the hilt. He moved faster, taking her with short, hard strokes, pounding into her with his supernatural speed before he slowed down again, alternating the intensity until she screamed his name and begged him to let her come. His long, skillful fingers found the hot, throbbing place at the juncture of her thighs, and he started to play his sensual game with her while he loved her like a wild animal, blinded by his overwhelming joy at finally marking this woman as his and his alone.

He lifted up her legs and wrapped them around him, and loved her so hard that water slopped out of the tub with every mighty, powerful thrust. When she climaxed around his body, he joined her, abandoning himself to blinding pleasure. In this instant, he suddenly felt her pure, overwhelming love through the blood bond, and the realization of what she was, what she would forever be, shook him to the core.

When he finally felt the last pulsating waves of her pleasure subside, Eric turned her around in his arms and looked at her. Sookie gasped when she saw his pale cheeks stained with crimson tears. She raised her trembling hands to his face, wiping them away. “Eric,” she whispered, an unspoken question in her voice.

“It’s you,” he said, his deep voice breaking with emotion. “My Sookie.”


To be continued…

© All characters are the property of Charlaine Harris and True blood HBO. No copyright infringement is intended. No monetary compensation is gained. Used for entertainment purposes only.

OMFG…I have no words! Deborah, you DID NOT disappoint! BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Thank you so much for writing this story! YOU ROCK!

Now it’s your turn…tell Deborah what you thought about the Eric & Sookie love in the tub!

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