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Piece of Glass: Part 5

Posted on the 13 November 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Piece of Glass: Part 5Your long-suffering wait is over! And YOU thought waiting sucked when it came to True Blood? We don’t think so! We think it’s safe to say that Deborah puts the writing on True Blood to shame – at least from an Eric and Sookie Lovers’ viewpoint!

Since there wasn’t an update on Saturday, we won’t keep you too long…here’s the next installment in self-published author Deborah Court‘s Eric & Sookie story, “Piece of Glass”!

WAIT! Before you get reading…she has a few words of wisdom to share with you about the unofficial Deadlocked synopsis we posted yesterday.

This is what she said;

I just wanted to say something about the CH book synopsis that caused so much commotion yesterday.

From an author’s point of view, I can really say that book blurbs will never betray what will happen in the end. Which means that if it looks as if Sookie should get closer to Bill in the blurb, it’s very possible that the opposite will happen and she’ll get back together with Eric in the end. Writers want to surprise their readers, after all; but first they’ll have to create some conflict. I just don’t think that CH spent so many books with building up such an awesome love story to simply drop this plot. She made us deliberately fall in love with Eric, so I just don’t believe that she’ll not allow him to be Sookie’s HEA. It’s clear in her books that she loves that character herself, or she wouldn’t have spent so much time writing about him. All his scenes with Sookie put her previous relationship with Bill to shame.

Piece of Glass: Part 5There you have it…does it make you feel better? If anyone understands how the publishing world works – it’s someone like Deborah! Speaking of which…if you love her Eric and Sookie story…you’re sure to love her novel, “Bound To The Prince”  too! You can purchase it here through!

In case you’ve missed previously posted parts of Piece of Glass; you can read them here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4

Now, on with the story…

Piece of Glass

Part Five

By Deborah Court

Sookie opened her eyes to find the room had filled with golden sunlight that streamed through a gap in the curtain. Eric was gone. He had covered her with the furs and held her throughout the night, spooning her from behind. She had slept in the safety of his strong arms, their fingers entwined.

As she rose from the bed and picked up her clothes, she looked down at her body and noticed that it didn’t bear any bite marks. She also didn’t feel sore as she would have expected after their wild mating. On the contrary, she felt great; her skin seemed to glow with health. She realized that he had fed her a few drops of his blood while she slept and closed her wounds with his tongue, making sure to keep her unharmed.

She smiled. Her Viking had more in common with ‘the other Eric’, as he put it, than he would have admitted. He even was more protective of her, and extremely possessive. While he tried to make the world believe that he was a cold, relentless predator, she knew better. No matter what he was, he was driven by an unparalleled passion for life compared to all the men she had ever met, human or vampire. Now that she had seen his true essence, it was impossible not to love him.

But first she had to get through to him. As much as she had enjoyed their reunion, she had to talk him into returning with her fast. She didn’t know how long the air supply in the tomb would last, and it was possible that the Authority’s agents came looking for him.

Eric had left her a large bowl of water with soap, a bone comb and linen towels in a corner of the room, and she washed quickly. She combed her hair, arranging it to a thick braid that hung over her shoulder. Donning the same crude dress she had worn the day before, she hurried into the larger room. No one was there. She ate some bread and cheese she found in a wooden cabinet before she left the house.

It was a clear, sunny day. It wasn’t as warm as in Louisiana, but she enjoyed the fresh, cool air on her face. She looked around, but Eric was nowhere to be seen, and neither of the men who worked for him. Last night, when they had talked after her lovemaking, he had told her between kisses that those workers were free men, not thralls. Unsure about which direction to take, she decided to return to the house and make herself useful until Eric returned. There wasn’t much more she could do right now.

For the next hour, Sookie cleaned up the house and tried to cook something for the men. She wasn’t sure but since Eric could walk in the sun, she wondered if he also ate real food. In this world that his own mind had created, normal rules didn’t seem to apply. She threw dried beef and vegetables into the cauldron over the hearth, then she added water and wild herbs she found in a small basket. Hoping that the result would be some kind of stew, she let the mixture boil until it had a thick consistence. Sighing, she filled the brew into a small bowl with a lid and walked outside, taking a jug of water with her in case he was thirsty. She followed the narrow path beside the house, passing the barn and stables. She could hear men talking there and peeked inside, but Eric wasn’t among them. Walking further into the fields, she finally found him.

Unscathed by the midday sun, he stood in a field of golden wheat, gathering the cut grain before he bundled it into sheaves. He had taken off his shirt and was stripped down to the waist, his sculptured torso glistening with sweat. He had tied his hair with a leather string at the nape of his neck, but a few golden strands had escaped and stuck to his moist skin.

Her mouth went dry as she watched him move about. Despite the hard work, he seemed to be perfectly happy. Not seeing her at first, he smiled to himself, and even hummed a song. Sookie stood frozen in her tracks as she watched him in awestruck disbelief. This was so very different to the sight of him when he used to sit on his throne-like chair in Fangtasia, staring at the crowd with empty eyes.

“Eric,” she called out, her voice husky with emotion. As he turned and saw her, his face lit up, and he flashed her a smile that made her heart flutter with excitement. He dropped the sheaf of wheat and went to her with long, fluent strides. Then he caught her around the waist and kissed her, his lips caressing hers softly until she opened up for him, leaning into his embrace. The touch of his tongue was so sensual that it filled her with a raw, instant need. She almost dropped the bowl and jug she was still holding, but he took them both from her before their contents could spill on the ground. He placed down the water but kept the bowl.

“I see you brought me something to eat,” he said with a smile, revealing his sharp fangs that had slid out during their passionate kiss. “What about offering yourself?”

When she took in a sharp breath, he merely laughed and opened the lid of the bowl. “Did you cook this for me, Sookie?” he asked, his face suddenly filled with wonder like a child’s. “I haven’t eaten for over a thousand years,” he murmured. “But I remember I liked food.” He sniffed at the indefinable broth, then took a sip. Swallowing, he made a face. “It tastes awful,” he said, and his obvious disappointment made Sookie laugh.

“That’s probably because I have no idea how to cook with Viking ingredients,” she said, grinning. “I’m sure it doesn’t taste so bad.”

“Oh, really?” he answered. “Then try it yourself.” He held the bowl to her lips, but she shoved it away, laughing. “No, thank you. I don’t feel hungry.”

He growled and bared his fangs to her. “You made me eat this, woman, clearly intending to kill me. Now you will try it yourself.”

Giggling, she ran from him before he could try to make her eat again. Placing down the bowl, her Viking followed her into the field while she ran deeper into the rows of grain that hadn’t been harvested yet. Naturally, she wasn’t a match for his supernatural speed, and he caught her after a few moments. She screamed with glee when he swept her off her feet and wrapped her around his body. Lying down between the high wheat stems, he made her sprawl out on top of him. His eyes were darkened with need as he cradled the back of her hand in his hand and claimed her lips. His tongue delved deep into her mouth, teasing her, licking and tasting. Sookie moaned as his hand slipped under her dress, slowly pushing it up to her waist. When she had dressed, there hadn’t been a piece of fabric in the house that could serve as underwear. She was completely naked underneath her dress.

Feeling her bare skin, her vampire moved so quickly that she found herself on her back before she knew it. When he started to kiss his way up her calf, his tongue playing on the sensitive backside of her knee, she cried out. The ticklish sensation was just too much to bear. She tried to escape him, but he held her ankle in his iron grip and went higher, nibbling and kissing her inner thigh. “Oh God,” she moaned when he placed her leg over his shoulder, then did the same with her other thigh.

“You can thank me later,” he said, looking up into her eyes. His face held a predatory expression that made her tremble with anticipation. “After I’ve eaten.” Then his head vanished under her skirt. He found her moist folds with ease, parting them with his long fingers. His tongue flickered over the sensitive bud that was already throbbing for his touch, circling and stroking. She gasped, bucking under him, but he grabbed her waist and held her down. He licked his way down to her core and entered her deeply with his tongue, tasting her honey. When he had enough, he slowly, slowly moved up again, kissing and licking and suckling, all the while groaning with delight as if she was the best treat he ever had. Eric had done this to her once, at her house, but his more experienced version was considerably better at it. He had been right. She would never answer to another man’s touch again.

He concentrated on her nub, teasing it with slow, steady movements of his tongue, increasing the pressure. Every time he had her hovering on the edge, he stopped for a moment and blew against her hot, quivering flesh. He continued this game for a long while until she screamed at him to end this torture. “Make me come, Viking, or kill me”, she snarled. “I don’t care.”

Laughing, he gifted her with a few more skillful moves of his incredible tongue, and Sookie climaxed with a mind-shattering intensity that drove her right out of her body. Blackness surrounded her for a moment before she slowly drifted down to earth. She didn’t feel the slightest pain when Eric bit her nether lips, sucking her deep into his mouth. The draining sensation and his deep sounds of utter satisfaction made her come right again, and she went limp under him, exhausted beyond measure. When he had finished feeding on her blood, he thoroughly sealed her wounds and licked her clean.

“Thank you, Sookie,” he said as he reappeared from under her dress, still licking his lips. “This was the best meal I ever had.”


To be continued…

© All characters are the property of Charlaine Harris and True blood HBO. No copyright infringement is intended. No monetary compensation is gained. Used for entertainment purposes only.

Thanks once again Deborah for writing a story Eric & Sookie Lovers love! ♥ Just like all the rest, this update was amazing! Can’t wait to read more!

What did you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Remember Deborah WILL read them! ;)

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