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Piece of Glass: Part 11

Posted on the 20 November 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

We feel bittersweet because…this will be the final chapter of author, Deborah Court’s Eric & Sookie story, “Piece of Glass” !

Piece of Glass: Part 11 Piece of Glass: Part 11

Yes, we’re disappointed too, but as they say… “All good things must come to an end…”

BUT…don’t worry, Deborah enjoyed sharing her story with you and is planning on writing a sequel in the not-too-distant future! How does that sound?

Piece of Glass: Part 11

^^^ If this is you (above) after hearing there’s going to be a sequel…

we feel the same way too!

Piece of Glass: Part 11In the meantime…if you love “Piece of Glass” – you’ll love her novel, “Bound To The Prince” too! You can order it through!

In case you want to re-read chapters of “Piece of Glass”  – you can catch up on all of the chapters here! Or by clicking on the “Fanfics” tab at the top of the page and look for “Piece of Glass by Deborah Court”!

Before you start reading the final installment…Deborah would like us to pass on a few words on her behalf;

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your love and comments! *hugs* I really appreciate all the new Eric & Sookie lovin’ friends I’ve made and found your comments inspirational! Don’t worry, I will be back very, very soon with a new Eric and Sookie story for you to (hopefully) enjoy! Until we meet again…”

From us to Deborah…

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for writing an ending to True Blood Season 4 we could actually enjoy! Where Eric is Eric, and Sookie is the Sookie we all know and love! We wish you could write for True Blood! We loved reading about Eric’s days as a BAMF Viking! And their sexual encounters are sure to give us Swede dreams for a LOOOOONG time!”

Now on with the final installment (can’t believe this is the last time *SOBS*) of “Piece of Glass”

Piece of Glass

Part Eleven

By Deborah Court

The hidden back room in Eric’s hideaway crypt had a completely stocked kitchen with an emergency generator. Sookie found a deep freezer with enough food to feed an army, and a refrigerator – filled half with bottled water and fruit juices, half with True Blood. There was a microwave to heat it up, and Sookie smiled when she remembered the one Eric had presented her with. Even then he had been planning to move in with her. A girl just couldn’t help but fall in love with a man who had so much irresistible willpower.

After she’d eaten, she brushed her teeth, took a long, hot shower in the tiny, but luxuriously equipped bathroom, tended to her human needs, and quickly changed into a set of clothes she had found in the built-in cupboard – a black silk bra and panties, and a pair of dark blue denims with a tight black cashmere sweater. There were even thigh-high black lace stockings and boots for her, and everything was exactly the right size.

Returning to her sleeping vampire, she must have drifted away herself, for the next time she opened her eyes, she was cradled against Eric’s cool chest. He seemed to be very much alive, since he was busy ravishing her neck with his lips and tongue. She noticed that he had changed his clothes, too, and traded his chainmail for his usual black tank and jeans.

Your scent is driving me crazy,” he murmured between kisses, shoving down the wide neck of her sweater. “Why do you have to smell so good?” He bared the curve of her shoulder and started to nibble her skin there.

Sookie giggled. “I’m glad that you already had my blood for breakfast.”

You shouldn’t be,” he said in his husky voice that made her shiver every time he spoke to her like that. “It only makes me crave more and more. One day I’m going to eat you alive.”

I’m not afraid of you, big bad wolf,” she said, moaning because somehow he had managed to pull down her sweater to her waist. Her arms were entangled in the tight sleeves, so she felt quite shackled and unable to move. He loved to take control, which made her feel desired, and very feminine. She arched her back and tilted her head back, offering herself to him.

Delighted, Eric lowered his head and took possession of her breast, sucking the nipple through the smooth silk until it tightened for him. He let his big hand run down her throat and caress her skin slowly, showing her how precious she was to him. Reaching the mound of her other breast, he squeezed her gently, massaging her with skillful movements of his long fingers.

He started to rub her peak through the silk until shivers of desire ran down her spine, gathering like molten lava right between her thighs. After a while, he changed sides and suckled her there, too. The silk of the bra went moist beneath his mouth, and it clung to her nipple, heightening the sensations.

“More … more,” she sighed, craving his mouth on her naked skin.

“As you wish,” he said. The deep chuckle in his voice did things to her she wouldn’t have dreamed possible. With a quick movement, he freed her breasts from the black silk, shoving the bra just beneath them so they were lifted invitingly to his mouth. Then he began to suckle in earnest, pulling her deep and hard into his mouth – first one side, then the other.

His tongue flickered over her heated flesh, circling her, stroking her. With a sharp sound, his fangs showed, and she felt them graze her sensitive nipple. Sookie took in a sharp breath. She felt a strange mixture of fear and excitement, never knowing when he would decide to bite. But Eric avoided breaking her skin. He just used his fangs to scrape her slightly, torturing her with sweet expectation.

She decided to tease him just a little bit herself. “I don’t think we should make love here, Eric,” she said, pretending to be shocked. “This tapestry must be hundreds of years old. I wouldn’t want to endanger this piece of art.”

He growled, lifting his head from her breast. “Oh, you shouldn’t worry about that old rug. If things get messy, I’ll lick you until you are a perfectly clean, little fairy,” he countered, seduction dripping from his voice. “Besides, I’m much older than that tapestry,” he added. “If you want to worship something here, it should be me.”

“Maybe I should,” she whispered and surprised him by moving down his body. Having reached his wide chest, she kissed her way from his collarbone right down to the puckered bud of his nipple, placing a few kisses on it before she suckled on him, playing him with her tongue. The vampire’s deep moan rewarded her. When she bit him slightly, he jerked under her and grabbed a fistful of her hair, pressing her down onto his chest.

She grinned against his skin. Evidently her vampire liked a little pain along with his pleasure. She continued her sensual treatment on his other nipple, and he began to groan and rub himself against her body.

“Is this enough worshipping for you?” she whispered, feeling incredibly naughty doing this to him while her hands where still shackled by the sweater.

“I’m not sure,” he said hoarsely. “Maybe you could put some more effort into it.”

Wriggling, she moved down along his body until her face rested near the place where he was already hard and prepared for her. Kissing her way down his hard abdomen, she tugged at the button of his jeans with her teeth. She couldn’t proceed, for the next thing Eric did was to undress them both with vampire speed, throwing their clothes to the floor. Then, with equal speed, he moved right back to the spot he had been before.

Sookie, with her hands finally free, began to caress him, sliding her fingers up and down his considerable length. She loved how he tensed and quivered under her touch, how he lifted his hips to rub himself against her palms. Lowering her head, she met his gaze and saw that his eyes were burning with raw, primitive desire.

Slowly she took him into her mouth and tasted him, all the time keeping her eyes locked with his in a silent challenge. When she began to flicker her tongue over the velvety head of his manhood, her Viking lost the fight. He growled deep in his throat before he closed his eyes and threw back his head, surrendering to the overwhelming pleasure she gave him.

It was beautiful to see her strong vampire lose control for once, hearing his primitive sounds of lust as she ran her tongue over him, circling and teasing. He tasted like heaven, sweet and spicy both at the same time. Savoring his flavor, she took his pulsating hardness as deep as she could into her mouth. When she began to suck him as if he was the most delicious of treats, alternately teasing him with gentle bites, Eric had enough.

Without even realizing that he had moved, Sookie found herself straddling his hips, his manhood already deeply embedded in her body. She cried out with pleasure, surprised by his sudden invasion. Her body was already wet and ready, so he had entered her with a single smooth thrust, gliding easily into her tight sheath. His eyes were fixed on her face, darkly intense and challenging. It was his turn to take control again.

His large hands held her tightly in place, waiting until her body had adapted to his unexpected entrance. Sookie closed her eyes, panting and eager to move, but he wouldn’t allow it. Instead, she felt him grow even harder inside her, stretching her to the brim. “Oh my God,” she whispered when he finally lifted her up with his strong hands until only his tip was within her. Then, after holding her there for a few moments, he let her slip down very slowly, impaling her inch by inch on his thick shaft.

She thought he’d release her now to do some moving of her own, but he wouldn’t have it. His strength made it easy for him to lift her, then lower her again and again, increasing his speed until she felt as if she was dying with pleasure. Between thrusts, he slightly circled his hips so her sensitive nub rubbed against him whenever he let her down.

The renewed blood bond increased her need for him a thousand fold; every time she went up and down she felt him throb and pulsate inside her, massaging the moist walls of flesh that surrounded him like a perfectly fitting glove. He felt his passion rise along with hers as they became one. Mercilessly moving her, faster and faster, he always stopped when he felt her almost coming, then went slower until she was ready to take more of him.

She was moaning, screaming at him to let her come, then begging, but he kept playing her like an instrument. Finally, he shoved her down onto his body for a last time, entering her deeper than he ever had before. Instantly she exploded into a million stars, taking him along with her; and he spent himself in her sweet, welcoming body.

It took a while before she recovered enough to speak again. She was lying on Eric’s chest and kissed his neck as he buried his face in her hair, inhaling her scent deeply. “You are an excellent rider, my Sookie,” he murmured.

Raising her head, she said: “Ready for the next round?”

Instead of an answer, he simply lifted a pale brow. “Get on top of me, Viking,” she commanded, and he complied in the blink of an eye, covering her with his naked body. She wrapped her legs around his waist and guided him into her depths. Both of them moaned, overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of their connection. This time, it was Sookie who took control. She lifted and lowered her hips, creating an irresistible rhythm to taunt him, but always stopped when he moved against her, clenching down on him. They continued this game for a while; then it became too bothersome, and Eric took the lead.

As he kissed her deeply, his tongue mating with hers, his thrusts became harder until she clenched around him, drawing him deep inside. When she found her release and arched against him, screaming his name, he drove his fangs into her neck. Shuddering, he succumbed to the tidal wave of rapture that claimed him while her warm blood rushed over his lips. When he was completely sated, he decided not to heal the two tiny wounds this time, kissing them gently instead.

“I love to see my marks on your skin,” he murmured, lovingly wrapping her up in his arms. “Are you really mine, or was this only a part of my dream?” he asked her.

“You must have been dreaming,” she said, mockingly. But soon he started to fulfill his promise that she’d be a perfectly clean fairy, and every time he stopped and asked if she was his, she answered that she was, and would be for all time.



“Good Gracious! You have your own private jet?” Sookie said, standing frozen in her tracks. She stared at the snowy white, windowless Gulfstream aircraft that awaited them on the small private airport near Shreveport, ready to depart.

Eric looked positively offended. “Did you really think I’d travel with Anubis Air, trapped in a casket like a piece of luggage?” he growled. “No, thank you. After a flight, I prefer to wake up without a stake through my heart.” He took her hand and guided her over the last steps of the airfield and up the gangway.

They had reached the airport by flying, too – and Sookie had experienced the feeling of being rocketed up into the air in the safety of Eric’s arms. Her surprised shrieks of fear had turned into wild, joyful laughter when he had whirled her around high above the ground, kissing her senseless.

When the plane took off, she snuggled up against him while he fed her with grapes. Sighing, she leaned back against the cushions of the huge black leather sofa they rested on. Soon dawn would approach, and her vampire would sleep in her arms until the night would bring him back to her, where he belonged.

“Where will we stay until the matter with the Authority has been resolved, Eric?” she questioned, suddenly remembering that she hadn’t even bothered to ask. It didn’t matter where they went, as long as she was with him.

He gave her that lopsided smile she had grown to love so much. “I thought you would have guessed, my Sookie. But maybe you didn’t hear me telling you about it when I held you on the battlefield.”

He quickly kissed her, remembering this most painful moment in all his thousand years. Then he pulled her closer against him while his hands started to explore her body, assuring himself that she was alive and sound, and at his side where she belonged.

“I own this piece of land no one knows about – apart from Pam. She absolutely hates the place. However, I’m sure you’ll love it there. It’s a farm in Öland.”



Absolutely NOT!!!

Coming soon: Deborah Court’s new Eric & Sookie story,

The Dark Queen”!

Eric feels obliged to return from Sweden with Sookie when a gruesome ritual murder at Fangtasia forces Pam to shut down the club. Honor-bound to solve the case, Eric’s murder investigations lead him to New Orleans, where a dark force even beyond his control rises to power …


© All characters are the property of Charlaine Harris and True blood HBO. No copyright infringement is intended. No monetary compensation is gained. Used for entertainment purposes only.

Again, Thank you Deborah for writing this amazing story! I LOVED it! The sex in this chapter gave me Skarsgasms and I’m glad they both survived in one piece! I’m crying – a mixture of happy tears because of the ending and sad tears, because this story is ending!  Can’t wait to read about Eric & Sookie’s future adventures in the sequel! I will miss reading your fanfic every day!

Did you love Deborah’s Eric & Sookie story, “Piece of Glass”? Tell her how you feel! Deborah loves reading your comments! Please feel free to tell your friends about her stories – I’m sure many others will love them too!  Now it’s your turn…comment below!

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