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Picture Perfect: Local Color

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz

Picture Perfect: Local Color

Local Color: the sights and delights of Ballard. Seattle, Washington

The above is how I see the world. Because it's MY world. As I adjust to living in Seattle, specifically the Ballard district, I can not help but delight in the local color. The skyline, always a breath taker, competes with the most interesting of details- the white of frost, a red cart, a green window, a blue light and above all, a wonderful sense of place

Picture Perfect: Local Color

Ballard's Best: A Mannequin at Beats + Bohos Models a Colorful Vintage Red Raincoat and Leopard Scarf

I seem to be permanently crushed out on my neighborhood! I love the overgrown sidewalks, the ever present moss, fern and firs, the way people grow food gardens on their lawns, but never seem to bother to eat it. The plethora of lounge chairs that dot every other porch or patio, and the general friendliness of this humble spot. Even the birds and the squirrels seem friendlier here.

Many of the details captured above are also shared on Instagram (@rosebudz). Looking at the images together I see a common theme they share with my wardrobe- the red hot crush of cobalt, red, mints and yellows, and the quirky new obsession with shape and geometry. Fashion imitates life, and life is certainly fashionable.

Is there anything about your hometown or neighborhood that inspires your dress?

Picture Perfect: Local Color

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