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Picture of the Week!!!

By Jpbrandanophoto @JPBrandanophoto
This week's picture is one I took in Miami on Ocean Drive at about 10 PM.  As we were walking along I saw this table set up outside a restaurant. It was displaying some of the cocktails that they served. I guess they thought at night, when people are partying up and down the street, this would entice some into their place!! Well it worked for me, kind of. I didn't even think about having one (well maybe I thought about it) but I did like the different colors of the liqueurs and shapes of the glasses. 
It was not a very well lit spot and I knew I would need to use flash. I took one picture and didn't like it, too much was showing in the background. I then thought I would try it without flash. The light was coming from a food stand about five feet away and provided enough light for me to make this picture. With a little bit of work in Photoshop I thought the results were pretty good!!! 
By the way those are real cocktails not the results of someone cleaning off a table. They take two open bottles of Corona beer and turn them upside down in a large glass of margaritas!! Sounds like fun !!! No I didn't try one!!

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