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Picture Becoming a Story

By Eriktiger @eriktiger

Many times I have grabbed my camera (well ok, my Iphone) and not really grabbed, because I always have it with me… I head out to take a picture that I hope will fit well with a story I have written, so that photo can become part of the cover.

I’m sure a lot of you have done something similar. I have used details from some of my artwork for book covers in the past, and I like them. Although its hard to “retro fit” a painting I did five years ago into the cover from a fresh new story. It works sometimes. The background for my blog is one of my lighthouse paintings.

But I was at the Omaha zoo Saturday with my family and was snapping away shots at everything animal that moved or I felt was doing something pretty cool. Its not like this is my first rodeo- been to dozens of different zoos around the country in my time in the Air Force. II think I even visited a zoo in Germany or Luxemburg once. Maybe not. Anyway….was I trying to arrive at some point here?

Oh yeah…I took a picture and thought, that would make a sweet story. I should write a story around the photograph. So while I gone looking for photos and artwork to match up to existing story, I have never taken a picture and thought, “I should write a story about this” So was this first bucket list worthy? Probably not. This is the photo I took. Well its been zoomed in and cropped, but check it out:

Picture becoming a story

Plot ideas? What story could grow from this elongated hand? Its an orangutan, if you couldn’t tell. If that photo was your writing prompt, where would you go with it? I have my own ideas…

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