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Pick'em League: Gameweek 11 Results

By Thetoaststaff
So about the last ten days.. 

Whoops.  I'm going to blame it on a move to a different state and starting a new job, if that's okay with all of you.  But don't worry, we're not going anywhere.  On to your Pick'em League results:  

Name CS CO X This Week PTS

Brandon 15 45 39 8 90

Zach 8 40 51 10 64

FBEO 8 30 61 5 54

K.A. Orris 4 36 49 4 48

Rich S. 10 36 44 4 66

Jonathan W. 7 35 48 3 56

Garrett D. 5 37 38 8 52

Snow R. 4 40 42 10 52

Will H. 5 29 26 10 44

Matt S. 3 25 32 - 34

Alex L. 1 21 18 7 24

Jeff F. 0 17 13 7 17

Gameweek 11 High Score: Zach, Snow R., and Will H., 10 pts There was a three-way tie for this week's high score, with Zach, Snow R. and Will H. all claiming top honors for the first time this season.  Zach and Snow R. each got two correct scores  but missed on four of the ten matches.  Will H., on the other hand, managed to earn points from eight of the ten matches played.  The average point total for the week was approximately 6.91 points per person, a full point lower than last week.  It's interesting to note the percentage at which players are earning points from a match.  Not taking into account any difference between Correct Scores and Correct Outcomes, Brandon is scoring on the highest percentage of matches so far this season at a 61% clip (i.e. he has earned at least one point in 61% of the matches played).  That's really no surprise given his total, but what IS surprising is the rest of the top five in terms of point percentage: Will H. (57%), Jeff F. (57%),  Alex L. (55%), and Garrett D. (53%).  If these four can maintain their consistency, they will definitely continue their rise up the table.    

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