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“PHP” and “Outsourcing” – The Buzzwords in Web Development

Posted on the 02 June 2014 by Maria Mincey @mariamincey64

The questions that bother companies dealing in web development the most are – is PHP the most ideal platform, and should it be outsourced or developed in-house?

To be straightforward, both questions are absolutely justified in their own right. In an age where there is so much clamor and competition, no company would like to have oversights ruining its business value.

PHP Outsourcing

But when one has to give a conclusive decision on whether PHP is the platform worth the hype, the answer would be a confident “yes”. And there are reasons abound to back this statement. And we will begin by drawing your attention to how simple it is to create the web applications and other web solutions like websites. The web development realm has been more or less invaded by PHP, and for good reasons only.

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PHP as a platform comprises of a whole bevy of useful frameworks that work in their own unique manner to create apps of the highest quality standards and order. Because all of these frameworks have been built in a manner that their code structures are non fussy, creating the web development projects becomes a task more amicable and result driven. And as web development becomes more and more significant for brands across all domains, the PHP frameworks are only meant to grow in numbers and in simplicity.

Apart from being simply, one thing that none of the PHP frameworks compromises on is the power and versatility. The solutions created by PHP are unmatched in terms of their performance levels and the extent to which they can make the most unlikeliest of functions seem feasible and possible. From the time so much importance and significance has been attached to this platform, the PHP community has gone through a daily grind to reinvent it for inculcating the most advanced features into the applications so as to make them hotly pursued among the target audience.

In an age where operational efficiency has to be delivered in combination with the speed and timely launch of new apps, staying adrift has become more challenging. And this is where PHP takes the cake. Scrambling with time becomes a task more rewarding and conducive with PHP, as it makes sure that every effort and second you invest into the project gets for you maximum returns.

PHP Web Development
The add ons which PHP tosses at you in the form of an extensive suite of plugins or extensions or the library scripts makes PHP all the more unrivalled in its domain. These extensions are what elevate both – the straightforward application development, and the feature sophistication of the final product. As and when you feel that the web solution you have developed is falling short of the mark, you don’t have to worry about writing adding more code to the pile. All you have to do is to look for plugins that can accomplish the task by just a simple installation. In fact, you can refer to these extensions from the very first stage of development. As and when you find a tool that fits the bill, install it and let your product make a serious boast.

And Why Should You Outsource

Despite the fact that there is a huge influx of web development companies in parts of the world like India that are offering PHP development services to their clients and prospective clients in US and Europe, many entrepreneurs are still facing doubts over the efficiency and reliability of this approach. Entrepreneurs are not only skeptic of the benefits this practice entails, but more than that, they are worried if the final quality standards they receive are really work the investment put in or not.

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Addressing the first worry, the fact that the currency difference is the major reason for the lower costs associated with outsourcing is obvious. But it’s not the only reason per se. Another big factor that helps you make savings in the budget is the very fact that you don’t have to shell out those heavy bucks on buying the infrastructure that any web development companies. Whether its servers or desktop systems (which get bigger and greater in numbers as the human resource increases) or its buying of licenses for operating systems or the accompanying hardware – you are definitely d\saving yourself a lot for money and headache.

web development companies
But, more than anything else, you are saving costs which you would have had to spend on hiring the individual programmers and designers for your development team. The biggest source of expenditure is this recruitment drive and the monthly salaries you have to pay the personnel. With outsourcing, all these costs are duly eliminated.

Now, when it comes to the quality concerns, it should be duly understood that the web development companies in India like the Xicom Technologies have had the reputation of serving hundreds of clients and building thousands of high-impact projects that have perched them as the most sought-after service providers among the service seekers at offshore locations. And because these companies have a reputation to protect so that they expand their client bases in these places, they hire only the best talent in the industry to work on the projects so that the final quality of the product achieved is unmatched.

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