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Photolog: Going on Semi-hiatus

By Eula @omgaeula
Photolog: Going on Semi-hiatus Hi everyone! If you follow me on instagram you'll know I'm back in California. Also flying to the East Coast next week, taking care of some real-life stuff. So sadly entries will be few and far between. Before I left I had a great, albeit rainy, day:

Delighted to announce the winners of my Anniversary Giveaway, Regina and Juvy! Met up with Regina real quick before she rushed off to work and I hurried off to mail some people, including the second winner...
Photolog: Going on Semi-hiatus Juvy, who won Set #2! Doesn't she have the cutest lashes? Congrats guys and thanks for reading my little space on the web!
I said goodbye to my bb :'( then cheered up when I met with my BFFs for some Yabu, which I've been craving for WEEKS.
Photolog: Going on Semi-hiatus So long since we've all seen each other! It was like Christmas, receiving pasalubongs and (FINALLYYY) giving away my own.
Photolog: Going on Semi-hiatusWe just landed yesterday, so we visited family and went around the beach cities. This is Laguna Beach. I'm on a sort-of shopping ban so hopefully this will allow me to catch on up blog backlog. Look at me, talking about blog backlog and being on hiatus in the same post. Consistency, what is it.
Anyway feel free to give me restaurant and sightseeing recommendations! Shopping recs also welcome, scouting stuff in preparation for Black Friday early Christmas shopping. ;)

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